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Dodgers: A Deep Dive Into the Incredibly Detailed Championship Ring Box

The Dodgers World Series rings might be the most beautiful thing we have ever seen. After waiting 32 years to get a glimpse of one in Los Angeles, the team did not disappoint with the hardware they handed out to players and coaches. 

The ring also came in an intricately designed box for display as well. Generally speaking, the ring is supposed to be the highlight of the entire presentation. But the Dodgers found a way to go above and beyond in asking for more out of the display. 

The ring sits on top of a platform that rotates to show off all sides. It also comes complete with a personalized nameplate and interior lights that illuminate the rung when opened. The Dodgers also had them make it so that when opened, an LCD screen plays a 4-minute 2020 season highlight video. 

The ring itself is adorned with all sorts of gems and diamonds. The Dodgers had it fitted with 222 round diamonds, 10 princess-cut diamonds, 45 custom-cut genuine sapphires, and 8 round genuine sapphires. The combined weight of the precious stones is 11 carats.

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So while these works of art are amazing to look at, don’t expect Dodgers players to be wearing them out to the gym or to grab a cup of coffee. Jostens, the company that made the rings, has also done the 2018 NFC Championship Ring for the Los Angeles Rams. They did the Super Bowl XVIII for the Raiders and several Lakers championship rings. 

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  1. Anybody know whose championship ring is gaudier, bigger, obnoxious the Lakers or the Dodgers?? My guess is the Lakers with the top of the ring being able to open like a car’s hood.

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