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Dodgers Acquire Adam Kolarek from Tampa Bay Rays

The Dodgers have acquired left-handed reliever Adam Kolarek from the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for OF Niko Hulsizer.

Kolarek, 30, holds a 3.95 ERA in 54 games this season. In parts of 3 Major League seasons, he is a combined 6-3 with a 4.19 ERA and 59 strikeouts.

He adds a much-needed lefty to the Dodgers’ bullpen. Kolarek is fantastic against left-handed batters and should step into some type of LOOGY role with the Dodgers, only allowing a .232 wOBA to southpaw hitters. Kolarek posted a 2.58 FIP in 34 1/3 innings in 2018.

Hulsizer, 22, is an outfielder who was playing at High-A Rancho Cucamonga with immense raw power. He has hit 20 home runs in 83 games across two levels this season. He was selected by the Dodgers in the 18th round of the 2018 MLB Draft, and was named Midwest Player of the Month in June. He was climbing up Dodgers’ prospect boards and the Dodgers sold high.

This might not be the deal you were looking for, but Kolarek is an obvious upgrade over the current lefty situation. He is most likely better than Caleb Ferguson and Scott Alexander.

Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. Keep looking for cheap answers, and then wonder why you get mediocrity. He’s not a guy I want in the 8th vs Houston or the Yanks.

  2. What is Andrew Friedman “THINKING “???? Dodgers Need Pitching, SP and Bullpen. Lame Lack of moves.
    Another Wasted season, No Championship this year either,

    Thanks Andrew Friedman! Thanks for NOTHING !!!!

    1. Andrew Friedman is doing a fine job! He did what other Dodgers GM couldn’t do and that’s reach the WS back-to-back years. His first WS year, he acquired a “stud” SP Yu Davrish for a decent rookie (not great) then he acquired a superstar in Machado for some decent prospects. Both….BOTH…didn’t do jack sh*t in the WS! Friedman is the GM and all these “fans” who are Friedman-haters are not for a reason! These haters are the same haters that would be pissed if Friedman traded away Lux/May for Vasquez and Vasquez sucked and Lux or May is a superstar.

      1. Well said .The fact of the matter is most of the other teams did not get these players either. We tried, but Pittsburgh and other teams wanted the farm. We could not make a deal. I am disappointed, but what can you do? I did just check though and Houston is now the favorite to win the WS. They are LOADED with very few weaknesses. We have our work cut out for us to even get to a WS let alone win one. I hope 3rd time is a charm. GO DODGERS!

    2. Jeez, chill. This aint the end of the world This guy is a good addition, especially come playoff time when one-out pitchers are needed the most. And the gave up almost nothing or him. The Dodgers have lots of good arms and will likely only need three starters most of the time in the playoffs. Everyone else can work out of the bullpen as needed. Check their W-L record. Just about any other city in the majors would love to have the Dodgers personnel.

  3. AL WS contenders like Houston (likely), know that the odds are favorable that they face the Dodgers again, so not unlike 2 years ago with Verlander, they did it again with Greinke. Hats off to their front office. I will say this in defense of Friedman, other GMs present him unreasonable demands, demands that I dont think they ask of other GMs. Either they’re jealous of LA assets and success, or they just wont play fair because they dont like him. One last thing, Neal Huntington is going regret not playing fair with Friedman. He probably could have had Ruiz and other bona fide pieces for Vasquez, and he didn’t pull the trigger. WTF?

  4. The Astros just aquired Greinke. What did Friedman aquire? A trifecta of World Series losses…*sigh*. Do you know what that sound is Andy? That’s the sound of you just played yourself…

  5. Daniel,
    What wouldn’t be an upgrade over the current pair of left-handed losers?

    Friedman continues his propensity for small-market moves with his former team the Rays.

    As others have said, another missed opportunity. We will not get to the WS every year, the time to go for it is now. Trade a catcher (other than Rocky Gale), how many do they need?

    Unfortunately there is no path to winning it all, given this bullpen.

  6. Ok, Dodgers did not do to much as getting some relief in the pitching department, I just hope though they take a (short) look at Jansen and figure where he may fit best ,certainly not a closer.the deadline came and went let’s hope the players do not get down knowing they do not have a closer because of Jansen and his entitlement to himself, no one better he feels, why are the Dodgers afraid to tell him direct , he just doesn’t have it but keep giving him chance after chance .I, as a hitter , would be licking my chops knowing what pitch is coming ,one of three ,if it crosses the plate in the strike zone, otherwise if not , a normal walk from him ,letting the other team back in the game,good luck DODGERS ! I have followed the Dodgers since the 60’s, the game has changed alot ,but the Dodger blunders now and years past have not. Try using knowledge , common sense and maybe good will come. YEA!!! FRONT OFFICE.

  7. Kenley is running out of steam someone is gonna have to push him for his money soon ! Our bullpen needs to compete against each other and fight for that job as a popular figure in LOS ANGELES with lots of respect lots of cash and minimal playing time , just do your three and out and that’s it

  8. We kept our prospects because Friedman was not going to trade TWO of these guys for Diaz or Vasquez. Look what Gonsolin did in Colorado. 4 innings–nothing till the 4th. Maybe he steps in to relieve. Who knows. What if May dominates? Will Smith? And then Lux and Ruiz. I say Friedman is to be commended. We are getting set up for years. World Series games cannot be won if we don’t get there. And then often it is an unexpected player who makes the difference. (Joe Kelly, anyone?). How about Mickey Hatcher for us? Or Steve Yeager sharing an MVP? Larry Sherry? Kirk Gibson’s single at bat? Getting there is the thing. Winning the Series is often a throw of the dice.

  9. Let’s relax a little. Adam is a great addition! We have Hill coming back, and plenty of solid arms on this team. Yes, Houston looks damn good. All we will need is 3 Starters, and we have three of the Best! Our bullpen will be stacked, and it would be a great series! But we have to get their first, and so does Houston.

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