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Dodgers Add a Top Prospect to Their 60-Man Player Pool

The Dodgers are making up for the loss of Edwin Uceta by adding a top prospect into their playoff pool. Uceta was sent home after a violation of team protocols. The organization sent him home and will be suspending him as a result. 

In his place, the Dodgers will be adding Jacob Amaya to the 60-man player pool. Amaya is ranked as the team’s 12th best prospect and 3rd best middle infielder. He is just 21 years old and was drafted in the 11th round out of high school by Los Angeles. 

Amaya is a lot like many of the other Dodgers’ top prospects in that he possesses great control of the strike zone. He has stepped up his power since turning professional and scouts believe he has the potential to be a 15 homerun player. Scouts also project him as a plus middle infielder with a good arm and quick hands. 

While Amaya probably won’t spend time with the big league squad, he will get plenty of playing time at the alternate location. The Dodgers have been able to have games for guys not on the big league roster almost on a daily basis. 

Up Next for the Dodgers

After sealing a series sweep over the Rockies, the Dodgers will head up to San Franciso for a series against the Giants. San Francisco has been on a tear as of late, winning their last six games. They currently sit third in the National League West being the Padres, another streaking team. 

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  1. The Dodgers have been very prescient in using the alternative site as a Super Coaching zone and bringing in different prospects they are impressed with to give them a turbocharged coaching experience. This is why the Dodgers have an incredible Farm System. They consistently draft low but end up with top talent.
    Its all about next year and the year after. Improving players
    Gray commented how impressed he was in comparison between the Reds and Dodger organizations in coaching.

  2. Meanwhile Kody Hoese, their #5 prospect, and already 23 years old, has been ignored, and not a word. Anyone know the story?

  3. I don’t know much about Uceta except he’s still young even after 4 yrs in the farm system. This story is so lame, it doesn’t even say what he did wrong specifically. If this is just politically correct nonsense about when and where to wear a mask, or some other meaningless submission to fear inspired behavior mandates, I feel bad for him. I hope we can live in a free society again some day.

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