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Dodgers Add OF Billy McKinney to the Active Roster Following the Trade

The Dodgers are making a move ahead of their series finale against the Giants. Looking to take the last game and split the series, Los Angeles added an outfielder that they just landed in a trade on Wednesday. 

The Mets and Dodgers swung a deal for outfielder Billy McKinney early on Wednesday. It was announced later that Los Angeles would be sending out minor league outfielder Carlos Rincon in the trade. 

Today, the Dodgers officially added McKinney to the active roster. That means he will be with the team and available tonight against the Giants. McKinney can play all 3 outfield spots and has spent limited time at first base. 

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McKinney’s numbers don’t immediately jump out at you on paper, but his peripherals are what the Dodgers are looking at in this deal. His speed and defensive prowess are enough to make him an upgrade over any minor leaguer they have had on the active roster. 

But McKinney also offers incredibly fast hands and the ability to go on a hot streak at any point. He’s out of minor league options at this point in his career, but McKinney should be a good bat and glove to have come off of the bench. He doesn’t hit left-handed pitching, but McKinney can put up good at-bats against righties. 

To make room for McKinney on the active roster, the Dodgers sent Zach Reks back down to Triple-A. He is still hitless in his very young big league career. 

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  1. So far all other moves have failed, starting with Rios ( now injured also) and Peters, Sousa, Reks ( the latest hitless wonder) and a few others in between, the search goes on.

    Otherwise, which is more likely to occur, Bellinger’s batting averaging dipping to .150 or reaching .200? The trend certainly makes the former target much more attainable. Anyone else not named Bellinger with that BA would already have been DFAd

    A season opening roster now at least temporarily missing Betts, Turner, Seager, ( Lux?), Kershaw, Bauer, May, Nelson does not sound much like a competitive team not located in the NL East division

    No eyebrows raised over Wood getting both Turner and Muncy successively with a hit by pitch?

  2. I guess no harm no foul if McKinney replaces Zach Rex on active roster. I mean he can’t possibly do much worse than striking out 5 of 6 AB’s as Rex has done. But another LHB who can’t hit lefties, what a shock.

  3. this guy sounds like Beli – great glove and D, but can’t hit. time to send Belli down for a little refresh

    1. I wonder if Bellinger has any options left. McKinney most likely won’t get too many starts, although he may get a few if Betts hits the IL. But what happens when Seager finally returns? McKinney has no more options left.

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