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Dodgers Add to Their League Lead in 1-Run Losses But Find a Silver Lining

Tuesday night was another example of a troublesome trend for the Dodgers in 2021. With 2 runners on base in the 9th, Los Angeles had the chance to win the game with a ball in the gap. Instead, Mookie Betts was robbed of a game-winner on a flyball at the wall. 

It was the 13th time the Dodgers have lost a game by 1-run in 2021. Generally speaking, that’s a troublesome trend for any big league team. But Los Angeles also has a few games mixed in where they overcame big deficits and came up just short of a comeback. 

When asked about their league-leading 13th 1-run loss, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts didn’t have much of an answer. Instead, he chose to find the silver lining of it all, pointing out how they’ve been able to stay in the game in a lot of their losses. 

You know, I don’t know. Obviously, it means that we’re in a lot of our games and the win/loss could be a lot different. I haven’t really dissected each game because I think each game is different and we found ways to lose those games I think in different ways. I guess I’ll just take from it that essentially every night we have a chance to win.

In some ways, Doc is right about the Dodgers being in every one of those losses. But it’s also tough to swallow those losses when it’s only by 1 run. Especially in games like Tuesday night when they were just a few inches away from winning the ballgame. The same could be said of last Friday when Albert Pujols was robbed of a walk-off homerun. 

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The hope is that at some point, the breaks start to go the Dodgers’ way. But until then, they’ve got to keep grinding out games and finding ways to win some ballgames. 

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  1. All that Roberts has to do is change a bit his lousy way of managing and instead of just sitting there and barking to the umpires for bad calls he should give the bunt sign more often to move guys over when Mookie gets on base with nobody out!!!! They should have won many of those 13 losses if only he does his job more often!!!!! But the Dodgers don’t listen to us the fans!!!!! What a shame!!!

  2. There’s no silver lining, Roberts, bunt the guys over to beat the shift!!!! Very easy!!! Do your job.

  3. Bottom line is good teams aspiring to be in October have to win most of these 1 run games. It isn’t the pitching that’s the problem here for Dodgers, it’s the lack of offense and timely hitting. In the BP games played the relievers have all kept the team in these games but Dodger offense was non existent for the most part.

  4. RISP Just not clutch. Doing some small ball we might have won half of them! Nope,swing from the heels and see what happens!

  5. Just look @ how the opposition have been winning those games w/ good defense, timely hitting, and shut down closing. Yeah being a defending champ, the opponents bring their best to beat you, so you must also have 100% focus and intensity to beat them down. They’re playing like it’s the World Series for them and the Dodgers are going about it like so what it’s just another game…..we have time. I see some of the guys have that attitude, but a few of them still have that urgency to win every series.

  6. Roberts as usual- lost in space. Yeah, just keep Bellinger in the 4th and pray that one day he may get a hit. Oh wait, he did finally manage a hit with his modified golf swing. Managed to bring his average up a notch from .130.

    1. Dodgerglenn, I said this a couple days ago that Bellinger has NO business being put in the 4th spot by Roberts. Bat him 6th or 7th to ease him in. But these are the decisions Roberts make that are baffling to many.

      1. Bellinger shouldn’t even be in the lineup. Or at the MLB level.

        He should be in Tulsa rehabbing for few more weeks working on his swing and backing away from the plate more.

        And probably Mckinstry too.

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