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Dodgers Agree To Finally Pay Out Their Employees

[Editor’s note: This story has been updated]

It has now been over one month since Major League Baseball announced that ever team had pledged $1 million each to help gameday workers delayed by the pandemic. Since that time, the Dodgers have been relatively silent in how they planned to pay out stadium workers. 

On Tuesday afternoon, the Dodgers finally released a statement on plans to make sure employees were taken care of. The agreement is not limited to those directly employed by the Dodgers, but also includes those workers who would have been paid should the season have gone on as normal.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have finalized a distribution program to assist baseball’s greatest event staff, the people who make the Dodger Stadium fan experience the best in baseball. The organization will be notifying Dodgers event staff, concessions, parking, cleaning personnel employed by third-party contractors, and the LA Dodgers Foundation event staff, of the distribution plans for the fund totaling over $1.3 million.

The announcement comes on the heels after the majority of teams in the league already committed to making sure their employees were taken care of. Dodgers fans were beginning to wonder if the team was second-guessing how the money would be divided, based on the lack of movement. 

Regardless of how long it took, the Dodgers’ choice to make sure that all stadium employees are financially taken care of is encouraging. Many of the Dodger Stadium employees rely on the 81 regular-season home games to make their money throughout the summer months. 


On Wednesday morning, Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times shared how the money would be distributed for game-day staffers and workers employed by outside services. It was not well received. 

There will assuredly be more to come on this in due time.

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