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Dodgers: Albert Pujols Admits to Having the Most Fun He’s Had in a While

No one in baseball could have predicted the immediate impact that Albert Pujols would have on the Dodgers. The clubhouse presence was the most obvious change, but Pujols also looks reinvented on the field. 

Through 26 games with the Dodgers, Pujols is hitting .372 with 5 home runs and 13 runs driven in against left-handed pitching. That is exactly the kind of production the team was looking for when they signed him for the prorated league minimum.

So where did this resurrection come from by the 41-year-old slugger? Well, the answer could simply be the people around him. Pujols admitted on Monday afternoon that he’s having a lot of fun with the Dodgers. The most fun he’s had in a while. 

This is the most fun that I’ve had in a while. I’m having a great time right now, enjoying every moment, And, I’m just glad every time I’m out there I can help this ballclub to win and that’s my goal. I really don’t think ahead and just really focus on the moment and I’m enjoying this moment right now.

Pujols would not say anything bad about his team in Anaheim and noted that he’s always having fun when he gets to play. But it’s no secret that things didn’t quite go the way he had hoped when he signed a massive deal with the Angels. But Albert is loving the people and mindset of the Dodgers players and organization. 

I think just the chemistry, the opportunity, I think being around the veteran guys that have the same mindset that I have about winning and helping this organization. I think it’s just a great mix of guys. It reminds me of my times back in St. Louis. That’s how I felt as soon as I walked in the clubhouse from Day One. Just the vibe and the energy that were in the clubhouse.

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It’s pretty easy to see that Albert is enjoying his time in Los Angeles. One look into the dugout will show that. Pujols is often seen talking to virtually every player on the team during games, often with a big smile on his face. 

And who is the first guy they greet in the clubhouse after a big homerun? Albert. Whatever the Dodgers are doing, keep doing that. 

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  1. It’s obvious he’s having fun. Use to watch him with the Angles earlier this year and he just seemed “tuned out” I’m sure he must be a little frustrated in having a boneheaded manager.

  2. It’s great to see a future HOF’er enjoying the game in his waning year. After years of playing the game the right way, moving up on the records, struggles w/ injuries, seeing guys almost half his age trying to push him aside; is just gratifying to watch him still compete. He has produced against lefties more than expected and performed more than adequate defensively w/ his glove and leadership on the field. The Dodgers needed him when they were scuffling and Pujols needed the Dodgers. Glad both sides are happy!

  3. The minute the Angeles released this superstar I said this guy is perfect for the Dodgers. Not only does he have a very powerful resumé he just good for this Dodgers organization. A superstar. Just what the Dodgers order. Man, what a great deal to add Albert to this World series Champions team

  4. Pujols does seem to be having a good time. Perhaps he spends too much time at the post game buffet, however. Wouldn’t hurt to lose a few lbs.

  5. I never dreamed Pujols would become a Dodger. It seems baseball has a great tradition of destiny for its players who are the real stars. Mays got to the world series as an aging Met. The Big Unit got his ring in Arizona. Schilling of course, Rose and Morgan in Philly. Reggie and Catfish as Yankees. This will ensure another deep run in the play-offs for the Dodgers in October. Let me welcome Albert with an affectionate, “ber, ber.” Hope I make it to Dodger Stadium to witness history.

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