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Dodgers: Albert Pujols Reflects on His Time in Los Angeles And How He Has Been Embraced

There couldnt have been many around baseball that predicted Albert Pujols would be getting big hits in the postseason for the Dodgers in 2021. When they scooped him up from the Angels this Summer, the idea was to fill out a very injured roster. 

Instead, Pujols has grown into a fan-favorite and a clubhouse-favorite. Dodgers players often talk about his impact and what he brings to the team every single day. But on Thursday night, Albert brought out that postseason production that earned him a huge deal with Anaheim. 

Pujols went 2-for-4 with a pair of singles and earned a walk as well. He scored 2 of the Dodgers runs and was a big part of the reason they put up 11 runs. After the game, Albert took the chance to fondly reflect on his time in LA and being accepted. 

This is a great place to play. It’s loud, it’s a special place. Every time I come here and put on this uniform, I wear it really proud. It’s been unbelievable to play for an organization that believes in me and knew I could help them. They wanted me to come and hit left-handers, and I’ve tried to do that and also tried to stay ready whenever they need me.

Dodgers postseason baseball is just different. When things are going well, the energy is up and the sound of 55,000-plus fans is unrivaled in all baseball. So it makes sense that Albert would feel alive in his first playoff taste since 2014. 

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Now closing in on age 42 and wrapping up his 21st big league season, who knows what Pujols will do after this year. But you can bet that he would probably love to be back giving hugs at the end of that dugout in 2022. 

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  1. For gosh sakes start Tio at 1B in game 6 & 7!!!

    1st ballot HOFers don’t grow on trees!

      1. In these instances you just gotta throw the analytics out the window. When you get a hot player, ride that horse! Streaks trump analytics!

        First two games Dodgers couldn’t stop Riley and Rosario. Game 5 Braves couldn’t stop 5-8!

        Run the same damn lineup!

      2. I think it’s about time Robert’s stopped going with the computer lineups & stick with what worked with our “accidental lineup” of Thursday’s players. I kept saying it would take a miracle for us to win that one. Well we got the miracle Thursday, because of that lineup. I hope Robert’s goes with what worked. Play all the same guys, in all the same positions & forget the lefty, righty computer predictions. Pujols is a damn good first baseman, play him!
        We need Bellinger in CF. Keep the same lineup as Thursday!

  2. Just when our cold hitters start coming around, Scherzer can’t even start game 6. One has to wonder if it’s even worth it to win this series only to be outmatched by a healthy team

  3. Unbelievable! I just saw the LA Times on this. Wtf else is going to happen??? Arghh. Just when I thought the Dodgers were in a good spot! Well we just another miracle is all. Can do. But truly disappointing for sure.

  4. Looks like a another bullpen game. Dodgers have faired ok in them so can do! Offense a repeat of game 5 please! Now I really wish they would have replaced Kelly with Mitch White! Would rather have him in there than DP. Wtf happened to Bruihl? He’s listed as day-to-day too. Geez

    1. No team should use injuries as an excuse for sub par play but honestly these injuries are just facts that Dodgers or really no team can expect to survive from. Just look at the IL currently to understand why.

  5. There is a phrase going ’round these days….

    ‘Future (current situation) proves past….’

    Hopefully our past (in-season ‘strategy’) is not coming home to roost today….

    Walker will buckle down today, and hopefully get some ‘strikes’ called properly…. That pitch to Joc was in a perfect location, seemed to rattle WB. But, that’s baseball.

    LFG Dodgers!!!!!

    1. Today, with our backs against the wall one more time, run the same darn lineup as game 5! End of discussion!

      After-all it only produced 11 runs! Anderson will out by the 3rd inning again! Then Snitker will parade his lefties anyway. Let’s be sensible and not put Butane behind the 8-ball from the star!


      1. AMEN!

        Beaty at 1B tonight…. tough call for Roberts. I’m down with it.

        Let’s just play smart BB and maybe drop a bunt tonight! <—— THE most 'shocking' play of the series!

        Like last game, hopefully Roberts will not allow a big lead by ATL (God forbid) to happen….

        Let's rock ATL tonight boys!!!!

  6. Albert an absolute class act! Love to see him come back next year with the DH in the NL. Great for the clubhouse and can still hit, even if it’s just lefties

  7. Stats are never 100% correct, Albert can hit anything and anyone. Bellinger @ centerfield Albert @ first. Albert has great hands and don’t pull him for a go$- #amn runner! He deserves the start. What’s this crap of only an inning per pitcher? If a pitcher is obviously doing well leave him in. They have worn out the bullpen and arms are dead. Kershaw, Kelly are evidence of that.

    1. Don, I’d start Albert in games 6 & 7 too. But at least Beaty at first rather than Bellinger there and Lux in CF is better! Thank goodness. I would have blown a gasket with Lux in CF. I love the kid, but this is winning time!

      1. love tio, but he hasn’t hit RH pitchers in years. Dodgers did well getting him pumped to join them as a lefty-only killer. So lets knock out Braves RH and when appropriate tio can pinch hit against a lefty as planned!

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