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Dodgers: Alex Verdugo Doesn’t Want to be Compared to Mookie Betts in Boston

To get Mookie Betts in a Dodgers uniform, Los Angeles had to make sacrifices. One of those sacrifices was young star, Alex Verdugo. The kid is thriving in Boston, but he’s also tired of being compared to Mookie Betts.

Speaking with media following a huge performance, Alex Verdugo was candid in his thoughts on Mookie Betts. He kept it simple, noting that Mookie is with the Dodgers and he’s now with Boston. Verdugo reiterated that him and Mookie were a part of the same trade, but that shouldn’t hold him to a certain standard. 

I don’t think about Mookie. I think he’s a great player, he did a lot for Boston, he’s going to do a lot for the Dodgers. I think about me being here, and what I’m going to do, and what I’m going to bring to this team. It’s not a comparable thing, I don’t like comparing it, I don’t like it when people bring it up. But obviously the nature of the trade, it’s going to happen, people are going to say it…I don’t care about shoes to fill or anything like that.

The Dodgers landed Mookie Betts back in February in a blockbuster deal that broke hearts in Boston. Fans were incredibly sad to see their star go, and that hurt only grew when he signed a 12-year extension to stay in Los Angeles. But for Alex Verdugo, he wants fans to recognize him for being him. Not for being the guy that the Red Sox shipped out Mookie for. 

It’s one of those things I think it’s weird that so many media or fans everybody wants to bring it up like it’s such a big deal. To me, I don’t think of it like that. Like I said, he’s not here. I’m not replacing him. Like yeah I was part of the trade…I don’t think about it.

The Dodgers sent Verdugo, Jeter Downs, and Connor Wong to Boston to get Mookie Betts and David Price. Take it from me Boston fans, appreciate the young talent that you have in front of you. Alex Verdugo is going to be bringing you big moments for a long time. 

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  1. As a Dodger fan I like Mookie Betts his demeanor and how he approaches the game and sets the examples is what this team needed.

    He speaks with actions and hard work. He hits for power with good on base percentage and speed. He isn’t a liability on defense and isn’t SOFT.

    Losing Verdugo Wong and Downs wasn’t easy but knowing we have Betts and Price with Boston paying some money. Not a bad deal considering Price is not a bad player at this stage of his career. Just disappointed he opted out when at a time that baseball needs him and fans need hope in the wake of the pandemic destroying our way of life. But there is hope when we see America’s past time out there.

    Verdugo is a very good player and to be honest he will do a lot better in Boston without Roberts playing musical chairs with the him. He should be thankful.

    Wong once he gets his health back will give them depth and talented in his own way at the catchers position.

    Downs will be a very good surprise wished we would have kept him.

    Bottom line Despite the shots they took at us for signing Betts long term. We needed Betts talent to get us over the hump and give those young Dodger boys a chance to produce and play everyday with Boston. Hoping they do well so other teams stop trying to rip us off in trade talks.

    Boston just thought they were going to rip us of with good young talent and resign Betts.

    Can’t have Your cake and eat too. Plus look how Martinez and Devers are struggling with out Betts.

  2. I told jeter downs at quakes stadium when he ignored my 4yr old godson when he asked for an autograph. “You will never be a dodger” he didn’t know who I am!!

    1. Of course Verdugo doesn’t want to be compared to Betts. There’s no way to win in that comparison.

    2. I always laugh at cry baby sports fans like you. You aren’t owed anything but you act entitled. It’s possible he didn’t even hear your kid who’s at crotch level

  3. No way now how would I even compare verdugo with betts! Last year sometimes verdugo would take the wrong routes in running down fly balls. Almost like he was confused. Definitely has talent but I’ll take Mookie any time over verdugo despite the costs. Great leader. Great attitude great person- still remember when he went out to feed the homeless in the middle of the night in Boston during the World Series! That’s character as well. Welcome to the dodgers

  4. I hope to see him been compared to Betts because both left Boston and move to the Dodgers. I’d like to see him here again.

  5. Duggie is barely starting but he will be better than mookie,because with the talent he shows right now,he’s not second to mookie and with more experience like I said before he will win batting title or titles and gold gloves and is more exciting to watch.Sox fans are already starting to fall in love with Duggie.Don’t care what anybody says we lost that trade

  6. I’m a Sox fan and was very sorry to see Betts go. I think it’s highly likely both teams will benefit well from the deal on all levels from personnel to financial. Sox made a number of excellent starting offers to extend him. Mookie either balked or came back with an outrageous counter-off. Part of the business. He’s a great player and a stand-up guy. I wish him well anytime he’s NOT playing the Red Sox and I’ll follow him closely. Pretty excited about the package of young talent Boston got back and the payroll flexibility the deal provides moving forward. I appreciate the ring Dombrowski brought to Boston but he decimated the far system and signed too many bloated contracts. Moving Betts made total sense on so many levels.

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