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Dodgers: Alex Vesia is Going to be a Force in the Bullpen Come Playoff Time

When the Dodgers traded Dylan Floro for Alex Vesia back in February, no one really batted an eye. His first taste of big-league action in 2020 didn’t yield positive results, and his stat line made it seem like a deal to get Floro somewhere else. 

And for the first couple appearances of the 2021 season, it was easy for Dodgers fans to criticize the deal. Floro was shoving down in Miami and Vesia struggled to get going when he was up with the big league squad. 

But since his last call-up, something seems to have clicked for Vesia. Since July 9th, Vesia has allowed just 1 earned run across 17 innings of work. In that time, he has struck out 20 and walked just 3 as well. 

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Vesia is missing far more bats than ever and efficiently using his pitch mix. His fastball also seems to have a little more teeth to it as well, throwing it with much more confidence. He’s not only dominating left-handed hitters as a southpaw pitcher should, but he’s absolutely shutting down right-handed bats. 

And that’s going to be the difference-maker for the Dodgers into October. With Victor Gonzalez taking a step back since last year, Los Angeles needs a dominant lefty out of the bullpen. Vesia has proven over the last few weeks that he can be that guy, and it could not have come at a better time. 

Just a reminder that Vesia is under team control through 2026. What a deal for Andrew Friedman. 

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  1. Vesia has been great along with Bickford. The addition of Knebel, Vesis, and Bickford has really helped the Dodger bullpen. Congrats to Vesia.

  2. Vesia and Bickford have made huge improvements since their debut early in the season, and it couldn’t come @ a no better time. Needed a shut down lefty out of the BP as González lost his command and Alexander never found his groove. IDK what the pitching coaches did w/ them, but this two guys have a lot more confidence and determination on the mound. I think Doc has the trust in the two of them to either hold the lead or put out the fire. Bickford just need to improve the breaking pitch to complement his heater and Vesia have a little better command on his slider. If both of them can perfect their stuff, they will be lights out for sure.

  3. Yes Alex vessia and Blake should be our late innings pitchers forget kenley even when getting 2 saves vs minor league pirates he still had hard time..Blake gives us confidence kenley no more it’s like we give life to the teamss.Hope Roberts is smart enough to notice the difference.

  4. Bickford, Vesia, Graterol in middle innings with Knebel as the set up guy and Treinen as the closer is a pretty strong bullpen that can get you through 5 innings or more, if needed. Bickford and Vesia have made huge strides. I hate to say it, but bullpen games have probably given them the innings they needed to develop quickly. Graterol has had a rough year with a late start, but is coming around. Knebel looks good, and will get even stronger down stretch as he shakes off the rust from his IL stint. And Treinen is the best in baseball right now. And yes, I didn’t mention Jansen.

    1. but you had Blake as closer. nice try but Kenley is the closer, as he demonstrated again last night!

  5. Bickford and Vesia doing great work for the club–they have become so valuable.
    At least, for now, I will stop lamenting over the Dodgers letting McGee and Floro go.
    McGee, who has had a great year for S.F., has blown a couple of save opportunities very recently, so he might be sliding a little bit too.
    Regarding the Dodgers now winning 1 run games including a couple of extra inning games: what a difference T. Turner makes, not just his individual effort with the bat and on the bases but the effect he’s had on some of his teammates who are focusing on small ball, advancing runners and scoring runners on outs, especially hitting balls to the right side. The BP has done a fantastic job holding leads. Bottom line is: what a difference it makes, scoring even just 1 additional run and allowing just 1 run less.

    1. Both Bickford and Vesia have been solid. When they are on the mound, I feel like whatever situation they are brought in to handle will be taken care of. Vesia, like Buehler, really seems to thrive on, and get fired up about, the challenging situations. Under pressure, he comes through. The bullpen has been absolutely amazing, specifically in light of the pressure put on Dodgers’ relievers to compensate for our shorthanded starting pitching. It seems that we are kicking into full throttle despite the fact that we still have key players on the IL. Our Division (and beyond) has been, and continues to be, within reach, and the Giants finally appear to be running out of some steam. Go Dodgers!

  6. Jansen should be the Bullpen catcher , no more closer , it’s so sad to see him come into a game even if He is ending the game on a good note. You cannot forget his bad games , as of the last few years ,
    games he participated in , so we expect failure in him and it happens more often than not , that is not the job of a closer . As a former catcher he should know himself when he doesn’t have it , but because it is way , to whine , and he gets his way . Hopefully VESIA , BICKFORD , and a few of the pickups can put the Dodgers over the top .

    1. Kenley is the closer – get used to it! You saw him get the save last night. doc knows how to use him. we need him to win close games

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