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Dodgers: Alex Wood Accepting of His New Role in the Bullpen

The Dodgers have a good problem in their starting rotation. The problem is that they have too many guys that can be in it at any given time. Alex Wood was one of those guys int he rotation when the season kicked off.

With Wood coming off of the injured list with shoulder inflammation, it seemed like there really wasn’t a spot left in the rotation for him. Even before Ross Stripling was traded to Toronto, the Dodgers had five guys cementing themselves in that spot. Thus, Wood was forced to move back to the bullpen.

Given the fact that he proclaimed he had returned to the Dodgers to be a starter, ti would be understandable if he was frustrated with the move. But Wood talked to media earlier this week and expressed that there wasn’t any frustration at all on his end. 

I’m not frustrated in any sense of the word. To be honest, after what I kind of went through last year and then having the horrible timing of having some shoulder stuff crop up, I feel healthy now.

More than that, Wood actually sounded excited to be a part of the Dodgers’ bullpen. He repeatedly thanked the team and expressed his desire to win a championship.

I’ll be able to show plenty out of the ‘pen down the stretch. People know what I can do when I’m healthy and I think I’ll easily show that down the stretch. From the bottom of my heart, I came back here to win a World Series. That’s why I came here. There’s plenty of other places I could have gone that were safer choices for me as far as my personal future and being able to stick in the rotation. But I’ve invested a lot in the city of LA. and in this organization…I’m super excited to feel good and be able to contribute in whatever way I can and hopefully get across the finish line so we can hoist the trophy up after all this.

There does seem to be a new theme with the Dodgers this year that Alex Wood has embraced. The idea that everything is a team effort with the end goal of a World Series feels like it has already pushed this team to the next level, led by Mookie Betts. 

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  1. This is an excellent move. They need plenty of fresh arms out there since Kershaw is the only starter that goes more than 5 innings. If he is truly healthy he may be able to replace
    one of the starters that is not going well. Alexander has looked terrible lately.

  2. Starters going 5 or less is usually not on them. That is on DRob. Guy cannot manage a pitching staff.

  3. Alex Wood is a team player and will be excellent in this role. I’m not sure what rule you are referring to but I believe Alex would take care of that too.

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