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Dodgers: Alex Wood Confident a Deal Will Get Done

Alex Wood was the latest guest on Access SportsNet with John Hartung. The Dodgers’ left-handed starter talked about everything from his Tik Tok videos, to workout routines and the latest proposal from MLB owners. 

Hartung asked Wood about the extensive health and safety protocol that was sent over by the league to players, and what he thought. Understandably so, the Dodgers’ pitcher felt that it was a lot to process when going over proposed rules and regulations. 

It was a lot, but it was also the first proposal. I think both sides will come together and iron out a best-case, safest, most realistic solution we can come up with in terms of a day-to-day and what it looks like for the players, for the staff…you have to be realistic on how much you can do. The original proposal was a lot…I think it will get worked out, I’ve been optimistic this whole time. 

Out of everything Alex talked about, the best thing we heard from him came in the form of encouragement on MLB’s pay discussions. While the initial report on the owner’s proposal did not go over well with players, the Dodgers’ Wood thinks things will progress.

The thing people forget is that so much has been leaked over the last couple of weeks, today’s economic proposal is the first economic proposal that our union has seen…I guess that’s how business is done, you’re trying to get the best deal possible for whoever you represent…hopefully by June 10th we’ll be able to start Spring Training…As a ballplayer, that’s all we want to do. We’re ready to play baseball.

We hope you’re right Alex, because we need to see our Dodgers out on the field very soon. Wood signed a one-year deal to return with Los Angeles this past offseason.

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  1. F baseball. They are just showing there true colors that they don’t give a rats ace about the fan who have made them all rich for playing a child’s game.

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