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Dodgers: Alex Wood Thinks Pitchers Will Not Take Advantage of This New Rule

Baseball this year is going to take some getting used to, arguably even more so for pitchers. The three-batter rule, not being able to use every ball you like, not hitting on your spot, and a goofy extra-inning rule will all mess with a pitcher’s head. But for the Dodgers’ Alex Wood, there is one rule that just seems sort of pointless. 

In his first media appearance of Spring Camp, Wood was asked about some of MLB’s new rules. One of those new rules is a wet rag that pitchers are now allowed to carry around in their pockets to avoid licking their fingers. Wood sort of thought that was strange, and even admitted he hasn’t heard much talk about it

You can sort of see the direction that MLB was going with this and their heads were in the right place. But when most of the Dodgers; pitching staff hasn’t even talked about it, you can assume none of them are looking to utilize the new rule. 

If pitchers want to do something legal to get a better grip on the ball. they generally will lick their fingers. It sounds like that will not be changing a whole lot this year despite the best efforts of the league. Pitchers are also required to carry their own rosin bags to the mound as well to cut down on contact.

The Dodgers have had their share of issues early on, but adjustments to new rules have not been one of them. Dave Roberts confirmed that players have been adamant about being socially distant whenever possible, and that high fives or celebrations were not an issue as of now. The team has also cut down the number of people at the big league stadium utilizing satellite locations for lower-level guys. 

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