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Dodgers: An Update On Andrew Toles After His Arrest

We all got pretty sad this week when we heard the news of Andrew Toles. The former Dodgers’ outfielder was arrested earlier in the week for trespassing when he refused to leave the back of an airport in Florida. 

At the last report, Toles was still in jail pending the $500 bond. The latest update is that Toles has been released from jail, and will face a court date for the misdemeanor in July. The former player had stepped away from baseball, and the last real updated we got from the Dodgers was in the spring of last year. 

It’s a tough situation and one that many Dodgers fans have been upset by. Toles was certainly a fan favorite in his short time in Los Angeles, especially with his backstory. Luckily, it sounds like everything that can be done to help him is already in the works. 

Dodgers’ analyst Jerry Hairston Jr let fans know that the team has been made aware of the situation, and that help is on the way. From what it sounds like, if Toles wants the help, it will be there for him. 

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  1. Thank You for updating us and it is so Awesome that our Dodger Organization is reaching out to help Andrew Toles in his time of need!! Andrew is a great ballplayer and it is so nice to know that our Dodger Organization is willing to help him.We will continue to pray for Andrew and as Dodger fans we support you Andrew all the way!!

  2. I pray for Toles recovery. He is loved here in L.A .. Hopefully he’ll be able to come back.

  3. Those of us on Dodger Nation and Dodger Threads and other pages are sending prayers. We are so happy that the Dodgers are intervening. Andrew is a favorite of all of us for so many reasons. We only hope that he sees all these posts and know that he’s really loved. He’s still a young man. He still can come back. Thank you so much

    1. I am a Dodger fan but all in all it’s still a business, once they are done with you they send you on your way. Don’t believe me, what do you think happened to Jackie Robinson? They tried trading him to the giants.

  4. Hopefully he gets the help he needs! He has to want it! Remember you can lead a horse to water but, you can’t make him drink it.

  5. I heard of this some time ago and was quick to respond and ask Dodgers to help him. I hope and pray he can be helped and wants help. Do your best Dodgers, he is a good guy.

  6. He was asked to leave to avoid arrest but didn’t. This guy is too far gone. It’s a shame as he definitely had talent. Looks like he just has mental issues now. Hope he gets the help he needs.

  7. Helping a person in need is bever a waste. I suffer from depression a result of abuse at a young age. Does that make me to far gone. No it doesn’t, keep fighting Andrew, we have a chemical imbalance in our brains given the right meds you do fine! Can’t wait to hear of your recovery.

  8. Please help him . I have met him on the street and he is in desperate need of mental help.

  9. He has to be told that many people and fans still care and want him to get better. Most people want to be helped, it’s hard to ask for help but they do want it. Come on people don’t give up on him.

  10. I wish Andrew Toles good luck in Getting Help & Getting back to A Job in Baseball or another Sport Cause his Dad Alvin Played in The NFL & I Will be Purchasing Andrews Rookie Card & Baseball Shirt with his #60 on It ! And Yes I am Caucasian European Descent ! Stay Cool & Safe !

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