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Dodgers: An Update on Fan Cutouts and Funds Raised From the Team

The Dodgers are one of the many teams in baseball that chose to utilize the cardboard cutouts for the 2020 season. Since fans have wondered why the cutouts cost more than other teams, we decided to reach out to the Dodgers PR department to get some insight. Check out where the funds are going and what the updated number is for cutouts purchased below. 

Based on current demand and expected growth of demand, which sections of the stadium is the Foundation trying to fill out first?
The Dugout Club and Home Run seats are sold out! All new cutouts will be placed on the Field and Loge levels in the section that is selected during the purchase process. It would be a great “problem” to have to find more space, and we’ll evaluable options at that time.
Will there be a lower price tier for the Pavilions if they are opened up? 
See above. Also note the placement of tarps that cover many Pavilion and Field Level seats.
What initiatives are going to be benefiting from the donations first? 
All funds raised will support LADF as they tackle the most pressing problems facing Los Angeles and work to improve education, health care, homelessness and social justice for all Angelenos.
If the baseball hits a cut out, does the fan get shipped the ball? 
Not at this time.
Suggestion for Foundation: Opening up 50/50 raffles? I’d seriously play from home and just pay through an app if possible. Plus, fans willing to shell out for a cut out might be more willing to shell out for a raffle? 
Great idea, but unfortunately we aren’t permitted to do so at this time. Also worth noting that we crossed the million dollar mark last night for funds raised for LADF with over 6,200 cutouts sold. Hopefully fan/pup interest continues, and we’ll be able to raise more money for LADF, especially during these times when there’s so much need for community support.
The Dodgers plan on continuing to sell cutouts as demand increases, though on-camera angles appear to be sold out. The team has charged upwards of $299 for some cutouts with all benefits going towards charity efforts. 

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