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Dodgers: Analyst Believes Corey Seager Will Not Hit His Asking Price in Free Agency

This offseason figures to be a transformative one for the Dodgers, as many key players are set to hit the free-agent market once the World Series wraps up. Turnover is a part of the game, but it’s been quite some time since this many high-profile names could be leaving the boys in blue.

One of those players is shortstop Corey Seager, who will explore free agency for the first time in his 7-year career. Many experts are expecting the long-time Dodger to be playing elsewhere when next season begins, especially with the price tag that he is expected to carry.

Rumors have the free agent asking in the neighborhood of $300 million this winter, and that’s just not something that Los Angeles is in a position to offer. Especially after signing Mookie Betts to $365 million just over a season ago. At least one analyst, however, can see a world where Seager’s price drops, perhaps just enough for the Dodgers to potentially go out and grab him.

“Here’s the thing… I don’t think [Corey] Seager is going to get as much money as he thinks he is”, Steve Mason said on 710 ESPN. “Carlos Correa is a free agent, Trevor Story is a free agent, Javy Báez is a free agent. All of a sudden, there is a glut of shortstops on the market. I think [Seager] will come cheaper than we think he’ll come.”

More Corey Seager

The comments came in a recent segment with ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne that highlighted the free-agent decisions awaiting the Dodgers. When it comes to Corey Seager, the biggest obstacle remains the money that he will demand. If that price were to drop, however, Los Angeles would love to have him. We already know that they offered Seager a contract extension during the season. They knew it would be rejected with free agency looming, but it shows an interest in finding a way to make it work.

Besides the price tag, however, the depth of this year’s shortstop class is one of the biggest obstacles that Corey Seager faces. There’s no denying the talent that Seager possesses, but there won’t be many teams with the pockets to give him what he’s looking for. If the Yankees go out and sign one of these other high-profile shortstops, Corey may be better off returning to an organization that can give him a decent contract while also offering him a sense of normalcy.

Final Thoughts

Will the Dodgers be fine without Corey Seager? Yes. They have plenty of firepower, even if none of their 11 free-agents return. Would they be better with him, though? 100 percent. The real question will be how many teams outbid LA for his services, as the Yankees particularly stand out as the main competition for the former World Series MVP. The likeliest scenario is that Seager follows the money, but if the market falls and the Dodgers find themselves in the mix, anything is possible.

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  1. The best leverage that the Dodgers have to checkmate Seager and his agent Boras is the ability to prove the team doesn’t need him to be successful this coming season. Trae Turner will move to SS and even though he may only be a one-year guy it’s enough to not be compelled to accept what Seager and Boras want long term. The Dodgers have answers in the farm system and another year to groom them. Besides, you can’t keep the youth forever on the farm or use to just trade them away for the aged or aging.

  2. It is highly likely that Boras will overplay his hand. Has done it many times and ended with clients looking for a team well into spring training. Also did it with Kyler Murray where he was bragging that Murray was a lock to sign and would never seriously consider the NFL. How did that work out for him? Don’t get me wrong, Boras will fight like hell for his clients, it’s just that he often lets his arrogance get in the way. This time around though as the article says, there is more than ample competition in the free agent shortstop market, Another thing that could prove to be fly in the ointment is the non tendering of any current shortstops. And I believe Semien is out there as well. WSS

    1. A Leopard doesn’t change his spots….cya Corey. Wish you the best of luck. As Bob “Texaco” Hope put it…”Thanks for the memories”

  3. With the almost guarantee of a lockout over the CBA, FAs face an uncertain market and a shorter time in which to get a deal done. Owners likely want to know the new rules before committing to large contracts.
    Given this market and the speculation posed in this piece, would Boras and Seager consider accepting the Qualified Offer that the Dodgers will undoubtedly submit? $18.4M doesn’t seem difficult to accept to push his FA out a year. He would become a FA in a more favorable market without the attachment of draft pick associated with signing him. Just a thought …

  4. Sign Chris Taylor then Sign freedie freeman and Nelson cruz. Alex Wood and Rich Hill. Bring back Joc. Love Seager but We will be happy with Trea and Muncy and will see if Lux can put it alltogether. If Beli’s back and Turner can rest were good without Seager. What Happens with Sherzer and Kersh and Kenley will see.

    1. John. Freeman most likely re-signs with the Braves as I can’t see them letting him walk. Besides, 1st base is not an area of need but the bench and starting pitching are. CT3 must be the FIRST to take care of by Dodgers.

  5. Mediocre defensively at best, injury prone and a streaky hitter. That being said, no way on Boras’s terms. He and his laid back attitude perfect for LA. If he winds up in pinstripes, good f**king luck Corey!

    1. Personally I think he’s in for a rude awakening. Over supply at SS = bad economics.

  6. Correa had a better year, and played the whole year. That’s where the Yankees will go first. If they sign Correa, that’s one major team out of the equation. Now, they could sign him to play 3B, as has already been mentioned by “industry sources” close to the Yankees.

    The Giants were “big spender at SS #2”, but they extended Crawford.

    So, really- who’s left? What big-money team is left needing a SS? That’s when Boras either earns his dough, or looks like a fool.

    I want Seager back, but at 3B with Trae at SS…

  7. Let him walk. Good luck in the Bronx. You better perform because New York will eat you alive!

  8. I have mentioned this before, not too sure the Bronx Bombers are the one to worry about. Phillies might be though. They are not overjoyed with Didi. Didi’s production has been no where near what they were expecting and believe he has been told that he may not be their answer a short, near term or long term. He is only signed through 22 and he could end up playing 3rd.

  9. He shouldn’t. He had 2 healthy seasons not counting 2020 where he only had to play 3 months. He should be paid accordingly. Bellinger will have the same problem in the future. As of right now 2017 and 2019 are his only superstar seasons he would have to tear up the next 2 years

  10. Seager also has to be aware that Dodgers also have other free agents to consider along withneeds for the bench and starting rotation. If he wants the sun, moon and the stars anyway then I believe there’s a bit of greed and selfishness on his part. Nobody can convince anyone including me that he couldn’t prosper with a more reasonable deal besides $300+ million. If he ends up chasing as much money as he thinks he deserves, then IMHO its time for him to move elsewhere. Dodgers definitely have other areas to address besides him.

    1. I cannot think of a single instance where an MLB player renegotiated his contract to allow the team to sign other players. It happens pretty regularly in NFL and NBA. If fact Nolan Arenado is the poster child for crippling Colorado with a massive deal and then bellyaching that the team didn’t surround him with top talent.

    2. Tired of hearing these prima donnas say “it’s not about the money, I love the game, this city & the fans”. Then they hold out for their big payday. Well, let’s see what Kershaw & Scherzer do/say. They’ve both had their mega contracts, how much more do they still need? Do they love the game or the money? Scherzer 38 yrs. old next season, Kershaw 35. Do they really want to play together on a winning team for their last few years or go where the money is. AGAIN!

  11. With an almost guaranteed lockout, I’m not sure what the free agent market looks like or how long the period will be. Given the glut of SSs, I wonder if Boras and Seager would consider the Qualified Offer the Dodgers are sure to submit. $18.4M isn’t too shabby to push his market a year and remove the draft pick associated with a move this year. Just a thought.

    1. Everyone Just keep calling out the censorship and they’ll post the comment. It seems to work, they don’t want to be exposed

      1. As soon as I submitted my wow comment the original comment I submitted this morning appeared.

  12. One other thing for sure is that should Seager get re-signed by Dodgers, Trea will certainly bolt after 2022 because I can’t see Trea ‘all in on a permanent move to 2nd base if Seager still refuses to move to 3rd.

  13. Too many ground balls under his glove. Trea turner is the better choice for Dodger shortstop.

  14. I see most everyone is in agreement that Seager isn’t worth big money. Seager the #1 reason this team ended a 32 year drought. He bombed his way through the NLCS and WS MVP’s. If anyone deserves being paid it’s Corey. Many here mention there is PLENTY of other options for a better defensive Shortstop, and I most definitely agree. So with this conclusion and most here conclude the team should search elsewhere, I’m just surprised the same sentiment doesn’t surround Drrrrrrr when there’s better options as well….

  15. I am actually hoping that Seager signs elsewhere. Trea Turner should be the everyday SS, if for no other reason than his RH bat helps our lineup. Seager will be the #1 choice for the Yankees since they need a LH bat at the top of their lineup to break up Judge and Stanton – 2, 3, 4 – makes more sense for them.

    CT3 should be the PRIORITY here. His utility has real value over the course of a 162 game season. LOL at all the “sign Freeman” posts. Muncy (and bring back Tio Albert) makes 1B a strength position. The DH in the NL, an idea which I abhor, will truly decide so much with who is valued in F/A and/or trades.

    Pitching-wide: bring back Kenley. He deserves it. Bring back Kelly, he earned it – although with the option denied, then re-sign him to a decent contract. I seriously hope Knebel and even Nelson come back.

    Kershaw deserves a multi-year contract, but the yearly $$$ need to be more team-friendly. He was effective WHEN he was healthy, unfortunately, this is becoming less and less with each new season. I really want CK to be a lifelong Dodger, but am NOT willing to break the bank to do it. Same goes for Scherzer. I want him to finish his career in Dodger blue, but his agent does not give me any optimism.

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