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Dodgers Analyst Nomar Garciaparra Critical of Houston Astros Cheating

Last week, Dodgers analyst Nomar Garciaparra was the guest speaker for the annual Bobby Dolan Dinner. The dinner is the largest fundraiser for University of Nevada baseball.

While Garciaparra talked about his own playing days, an inevitable topic was about the Houston Astros. Moreover, people want to know what Garciaparra thinks about the Houston cheating scandal. To his credit, he gave his honest thoughts and expressed disdain for what the Astros have done.

Without question, Garciaparra was a guy who did things the right way over the course of his career. That’s why he has enjoyed success long after it ended. Here’s what he feels about baseball and the Astros’ organization in the wake of their sign-stealing scandal.

“Obviously, it is sad and unfortunate… I’m glad there have been some repercussions from it — it’s something that people should really learn from.”

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However, he didn’t stop there. Garciaparra adds that he’s happy they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

“When you cheat, nobody wins. — You really will never will know truly how many it truly affected while doing this. So it’s unforunate, I’m glad they got caught, and (the commissioner’s office) is doing something about it,” Garciaparra said. “Hopefully, it stops it further down the line.”

The reactions on this unfortunate turn of events continue to file in. Moreover, we will probably hear from anyone and everyone connected with the Dodgers’ organization over the next several weeks and months.

Finally, an obvious pattern continues to take shape. The Astros are being shamed by those in the game both young and old. It’s hard to imagine being a part of that organization right now and not feeling a little bit of shame. Respected people like Garciaparra all feel the same sentiment, what Houston did was deeply wrong.

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  1. As a lifelong Dodger Fan, I am fine with just vacating the 2017 and 2018 titles and not having Champions those years.

    The Dodgers wouldn’t need the titles — they’ll get theirs on the field, SOON!

    I just don’t want the CHEATING Astros and Red Sox to have the rings!

    GO BLUE 2020!

  2. In a time of asterisk for steroids. This is by far worst! I officially resign from watching baseball.

  3. Firstly, great job, Clint Evans, with covering the Dodgers! Like many Dodgers fans, the punishment of the Houston Astros and maybe even the Boston Red Sox hasn’t been severe enough! For the scandal to work, the entire team must be in on it! The only rightful thing to do is to vacate the World Series championship for 2017 and 2018! As for awarding it to the Dodgers, maybe so, but in fairness to the American League teams who were also cheated, the true champion might have been denied their shot at the World Series! Each and everyone of the World Series rings should be taken away from the teams involved! For the players to keep their rings would be a lie!

    1. Sadly, forms of cheating have been part of baseball from the beginning. Look at the video of the whistleblower’s in this case latest no hitter. PEDs , sign stealing, etc..You are opening a can of worms when you start looking to vacate titles.

      1. Open the can. Getting rid of cancer in anything is tough. MLB is so dirty, it needs to be opened up and all the dirt removed.

  4. Sadly what should have been did not happen. I personally feel bad for my kids who were heartbroken to see our Dodgers lose the WS. It was painful. And now we find out it was tilted in Houston’s favor. Thanks for taking away the joy, the parade and all the hugs and high fives we should have owned. Payback is a MF Astros.

  5. I also feel that the 2017 and 2018 WS should be vacated and all Asrto players striped of their WS rings and bones. Also the one who was sending signs to the dugout and the one sending to the players should be baned for life from MlB.

  6. One may argue that the AL has been cheating for years.
    With the DH rule
    Cheating them selves and their fans of fantastic strategic baseball
    Sorry just a big NL fan and how those managers really have to Navigate and manage a baseball game

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