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Dodgers Analysts React To Stan Kasten’s World Series Comments

While the Los Angeles Dodgers haven’t won a title in over 30 years, part owner Stan Kasten remains adamant that the eyes are on the prize. For instance, Kasten stated that the organization is ‘laser-focused’ on winning a World Series recently.

Now, the SportsNet crew of David Vassegh and Bill Plunkett join Alanna Rizzo for some hardline analysis of the statement. Already, we saw Plunkett weigh in with honesty towards the team’s off-season.

Now Vassegh takes the first bite at the apple. His response is in regards to Rizzo asking if the only successful outcome for the Dodgers is a World Series Title.

“You talk to Mark McGwire or anyone from those successful A’s teams in the 80’s. They only won one and they felt like they left a couple on the table. So it’s stating the obvious again, and yeah you need that. The Dodgers have had success but this is Los Angeles. Championships mean a lot more here then they do in other cities. It’s not end-all be-all, but it’s been over 30 years for a lot of different reasons.”

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Next, Plunkett says the Dodgers need a title; but the reason Vassegh states is not the primary reason the Dodgers need to end the drought.

“I’m not buying that it’s LA, and they have to win championships thing. They have to win championships because of the expectations they have set for themselves. The history of the franchise, the investment they have made in certain players the last few years. Getting there every year to the World Series. What else do you do now? You have to win a championship. That’s the ultimate measuring stick that they haven’t been able to reach.”

Obviously here, neither of the pair is wrong in their view of why the Dodgers need to win a title. However, it does put forth a great topic of discussion.

For instance, if I was to state a reason the Dodgers need to win a championship; I would say the following. The Dodgers have a tradition, brand, and history unparalleled in sports. Every other team that’s close in any major sport has won a title in the last 30 years. For that reason, I think they need to finish it off with the only thing missing.

If you had to say a reason why the Dodgers need to win a title, make it a good one; and let us know in the comments section!

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  1. Owners, managers, and players come and go so the 30 year thing is meaningless to me. I don’t care if you won 1, 5, or 10 years ago; the goal every year is – as Herm Edwards said – “you play the games to win.” The players have had and will continue to have the opportunity right in front of them – just do it. Then do it again.
    And Vassegh’s comment is more than a little arrogant – championships mean just as much in other cities.

  2. As long as winning the WS is on the top of the list each season in genuine fashion, I can endure the loss.Seeing them win the number of the games they do with the Division Titles being won by substantial margins says they are genuine in their pursuit.

    Regretfully, the last two trips to the WS were met with teams with better match ups, even if suggested that both were cheating to some extent. Besides, the issues that kept the Dodgers from getting to the WS prior to the latest two and the recent failing were the same issues that kept them from getting to any before those recent two. The failure of our top pitchers to perform to the expected and previously witnessed level in regular season play with some managerial mistakes tossed in for measure.

    1. Well it’s easy for the ownership group to say that. I think after all this time – again, I love the Dodgers enough to read, write, discuss them every day like all of you – I think it’s time to prove that it’s at the top of the list. It feels like a hollow statement, to me; right now.

      1. It seems hollow to you and others because of the lack of FA signings that have been placed on a list by some who believe it a must to win. The Dodgers try to get FA’s but many seem to accept that they don’t want to come to LA and it isn’t about money.

        The Dodgers have much tied into the farm system and believe strongly in it because of the fact that the huge FA’s don’t come to LA for one reason or another.Maybe they don’t believe the Dodgers don’t want to win because they won’t outbid every offer above the others.

        Whatever the reasons FA’s don’t come, the Dodgers are trying to win using the players they have and can get and that is enough for me to believe they want to win every year.

        1. Sure they want to win. I’m talking about going all in to win a title instead of being happy with being good and selling out every home game. You say they’re building the farm system because free agents don’t want to come. I think they’re holding onto prospects to keep the window of ‘very good’ open a few years longer. I couldn’t disagree more with the notion that players don’t want to play in Los Angeles. I think it’s probably the number one city desired by all players, there are polls from the past that exhibit it. They don’t end up coming because the Dodgers are not making the most competitive offer, if you’re talking about recent examples. Players don’t want to sign for 3 years when they can get 4. They don’t want to sign an extension if the team is offering 5, but they can get 8. If the Dodgers’ front office wanted to stack the deck to win a World Series, we would know it. The climate of the fan base would be totally different. Instead, they enter another year where they may make a World Series and win it; or they could have a weird hangover year where they miss the playoffs altogether. It can definitely happen, either of those. It will be exciting either way, and I still love baseball, and the Dodgers. But their method of late has been puzzling to me; if their main focus is to truly win a title and not merely be pretty good.

          1. How many ‘big name’ players are the Dodgers short of winning a WS?
            How many ‘big name’ players can you afford to be tied to for 8-10 years with huge salaries?
            I contend that it’s more rare that the ‘big name’ player is the one who gets you the WS win and Kershaw is a prime example.These players certainly make it easier to possibly get there but they certainly don’t guarantee the win. The Dodgers have gotten and there is not guarantee that any more will win it. Hasn’t most fans and writers been blaming Roberts mistakes/misuse of players for the losses and not the lack of ‘big name’ players?

        2. As Theo Epstein famously said “If not now, when?” That is the question that the Dodgers have yet to answer.

  3. Taryn, you are correct, especially that 2nd part of your post. Cheating not withstanding , the Astros and certainly the Red Sox had the better match ups. By that I mean they were not so left handed with the offense that Dodgers were, which made it easier for those 2 teams to match up and expose the Dodger’s weaknesses. Pitching has been the other issue with serving up 23 HR’s in those 12 combined WS games. And Roberts pretty much single handedly sabotaged the WS with his inept pitching decisions.

  4. The matchups will always favor anyone else but the Dodgers! Both times in the world series, both the Astros and Red Sox had big name Free Agent pitchers! The Dodgers did not. Oct is all about pitching and the teams that win all have 3 shut down type starters! Kershaw was supposed to be that guy, never happened.! And when the Dodgers go against anyone else’s # 2, they are always in trouble. From the failure of the FO to spend big money for big time players! Those 23 dingers simply happen because of the Dodgers failure to sign anyone that can stop it!!! Cheap, and delusional? Arrogant? Whatever we call it its just we never have as much talent as our competition! Simple !

    1. Kirk, the Dodgers picked up Darvish in ’17 at the deadline specifically to address the #2 pitcher spot for the playoffs. He was considered an ace and a better acquisition at the time than Verlander (regardless of revisionist claims) who was not having a particularly great year to that point. People forget that Verlander cleared waivers before the Houston deal in late August.

      1. Bum, sorry but that’s not what we all thought , nor was it defined around the baseball world that Darvish was the better pitcher of the 2. That may be what you thought but just like always, there’s the Dodgers with no established #2 pitcher going into the playoffs. It would have been very simple to resign Grienke for the Kersh, grienke one two punch, but just like always, Friedman made excuses!!! Back then the excuse was he was injury prone!! And that sure was yet another huge farce by the conmen! There is no excusing the ineptness and cheapskate practices of these guys. And there shouldn’t have even been a need to sign a Darvish or Verlander in the first place if the money men would have just solidified that spot in the first place! Question? Do you think we win that series against the Astros with Grienke?

        1. Kirk you are wrong, darvish WAS the best pitcher at the time the Dodgers acquired him. Verlander became better only after the aastros got him and Verlander was ineffective in the world series.

          1. Yeah o.k. Pat if you say so….Darvish never showed up in big games. I watched Verlander dominate this Dodger team at Chavez in the regular season in 17. I listened to the Dodgers faithfull of 47,000 that game chanting ” sign him!” ” sign him!”. So Verlander was ineffective? How did Darvish do? Oh that’s right, the Astros cheated!!!

        2. Yes I think the Dodgers win in ’17 with Greinke but then I thought they should have won anyway. The difference between the Dodgers and Astros in the series was measured by a single Jansen pitch – who had been dominate and was paid big – in game 2.
          You can’t stop other teams from making foolish deals like the Dbacks did with Greinke, but you don’t have to join them. The Dbacks won nothing with him and, because of that and the Shelby Miller deal, LaRussa and Stewart were fired.

  5. All I hear is that the pitchers lost the games for us. For me the hitters did not come through in either series, you can not win ball games if the hitting is not there. If the hitters would only hit their average or close to it they would have won both times.

    1. Well that was because the hitters were facing more elite top tier pitching in those 2 WS, meaning superior pitching compared to what they faced during a good portion of the regular season. Correct about the hitting as you say but it didn’t help that they were easy to match up against due to being mostly left handed in the lineup.

    2. People are just thinking of game 5 NLDS, up 3-1 and needed what? Five outs, I believe. The offense was stagnant but had done enough to knock off a very dangerous opponent.

    3. It’s the playoffs you have to win low scoring games because of the caliber of pitchers you’re facing, you won’t be able to score a lot every game. That’s where having elite pitching of your own and lots of it, becomes important. The Dodgers are always lacking that 2nd and 3rd big time starter and the big time relievers

      1. Don, they wouldn’t pay Grienke! That move alone defined the fate of the Dodgers up to this very moment! The exact reason we lost the Astros series, we win that with Grienke!

        1. Well said Clint! Your take is quite representative of my thoughts in many instances. Your diplomacy is a little better than mine though! Lols

  6. Clint, I still am of some belief that the way Roberts handles the daily lineups as well as how he sabotaged that game 5 in the late innings may have something to do with players not wanting to gravitate to dodgers. Now I am not talking about those top FA’s this year however.

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