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Dodgers Analysts Talk Julio Urias Expectations in 2020, LA Depth

Obviously, the 2020 Los Angeles Dodgers are loaded with names and talent. Right now if it seems like they have too many players – which should be a good problem – it’s because they do.

Indeed, the numbers game in the organization’s favor should serve to do two things. First, it’s going to create a lot of competition for each spot. What this means is the finished product should be strengthened by the sum of the parts. Second, manager Dave Roberts has his work cut out for him.

Now SportsNet LA analysts David Vassegh and Ned Colletti talk about this being the biggest storyline of Dodgers Spring Training.

First, Vassegh mentions Roberts alluding to 2020 being a very big opportunity for Julio Urias.

“Dave Roberts says it’s Julio Urias’ time now to step up and show the Dodgers that he can be that starter. The other storyline for me is how does Dave Roberts step up and manage all this talent. This is more talent in the rotation then they had even in 2018, when they really were mixing and matching. Also how does he manage Joc Pederson, Chris Taylor and Kiké Hernandez and keep them relevant?”

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Next, Colletti seems to think that while the Dodgers have a ton of depth, these things seem to sort themselves out. For instance, injuries can quickly trim down a beefy roster.

“As I look at it, they have so much pitching to sort out, how are you going to get them ready and keep them sharp? Health is also a big issue. Every morning in Spring Training starts with coming to see the trainer, and talking about who can do what today. They had 106 wins, and now they have a better team then they have ever had.”

I admit, I never remember a team having this much in terms of names and personalities. With that being said, there may not be a manager and organization better suited to keep everyone involved. We should see the plan revealed in the early going of Spring Training. From there, performances will cause adjustments and help sort it out.

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  1. Urias deserves a shot. He is a year ahead of May and Gonsolin in pitch count readiness, and two years ahead of Gray. His 2.59 ERA last year was more than solid. The Dodgers will probably use a 6 man rotation. Buehler, Kershaw, Price and Wood will be the top four. Urias will slot in the 5 spot. May and Gonsolin will probably alternate in the 6 spot. But that’s just how things will start out. After that individual performances will sort themselves out. Urias could easily move ahead of Wood. It’s up to him. He definitely needs to go well beyond the 80 innings he threw last year.

    1. I see it a lot more as Price/Wood throwing about 120 innings each. Maybe a little more if either is effective. Not counting on a lot more then that, out of either. If so, that’s a bonus. From there I think your 4a 4b 5 develops with the remaining three you mention or stripling. One of them the long man in the pen. Of course one injury and it’s sorted. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Gonsolin back in the minors. Of course the big factor is two of these guys of Urias/Stripling/Gonsolin/even Dustin May could be dealt in a blockbuster to shore up whatever is needed most in June or July. I am only concerned with their rotation heading into the year, nothing else. And I think the depth will really help.

      1. I’m looking at Striplng as the utility pitcher who will do it all, including starts to cover the inevitable injuries that occur. I agree on the 120 innings targets for Price and Wood who both have some health issues. I would target Urias at 100 to 120 innings. But if Urias does not get a legitimate shot to start, or falters in the shot he is given, I don’t expect him to remain a Dodger next year. They would probably trade him. He is still young and has trade value. This year is critical for him as a Dodger. You can only wait so long for him to establish himself. Gonsolin could spend time in the minors if Treinen and Graterol catch fire. But if either of them falters, I expect Gonsolin to be in the pen, with occasional alternating starts.

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