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Dodgers and D’backs Game Will Be Streamed on Facebook Thursday

It’s a strange and exciting world we’re living in with Dodgers baseball. From the news of a Gondola over the skies of Los Angeles to the benching of a young icon. And it will get a little stranger this coming week. The Dodgers will face off against the Diamondbacks in a four-game series that stretches until Thursday. Usually, a game with the red-hot Diamondbacks is an unwelcome sight, but Thursday’s game features some intrigue.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you will be able to catch the game on Facebook Live. Especially if you’re looking to kill some time at work considering game time is at 12:40 PM. The Live Stream is a part of Facebook’s deal with Major League Baseball to show 25 big league games. The deal is fairly similar to the National Football League’s attempt to stream Thursday night football on Twitter.

For Dodgers fans, it offers the chance for all fans to be able to watch the game. Fans of Los Angeles sports are well aware of the Dodgers’ widely disputed television deal. Your average fan is often not able to see the game unless they have Time Warner Cable. That deal was negotiated for over $8 billion back in 2013 and will last well into 2030’s. A 25-year deal that seems as though it will continually block out Fans from watching the boys in blue.

Nevertheless, the Dodgers will available to all fans this Thursday at 12:40 PM. They take on Arizona who has sat at the top of the standings all year long. For a team that just dropped three of four to the lowly Giants, this stream probably could not have come at a worse time.

Rich Waltz, Orel Hershiser, Eric Byrnes and Alanna Rizzo will all be a part of the broadcast team. You can find the broadcast by searching “MLB Live” on your Facebook search bar.


The Dodger’s faithful deserve the opportunity to watch their team, regardless of who their television provider may be. This deal with Facebook will be great for a fanbase that is constantly searching for ways to enjoy their team.


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