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Dodgers and Giants Postpone Game Amid Country-Wide Protests

The NBA made a stand this afternoon when the Milwaukee Bucks decided not to play a scheduled playoff game against the Magic. The team refused to play in protest over the senseless shooting of Jacob Blake this past week in Kenosha Wisconsin by police officers. The Dodgers had not had any conversations when Caleb Ferguson met with media this afternoon, but that changed quickly. 

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts talked about the protests going on around sports today, and how his team factors into that discussion. Players from both the Giants and Dodgers had meetings with their teams within the last few hours to discuss whether or not they would be playing today

As of right now, the game has officially been postponed. There has not yet been an announcement from the team, but a doubleheader between the Dodgers and Giants tomorrow seems likely. The two teams are not set to meet again for the rest of the year. 

More on this story as it continues to develop today… 

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  1. Supporting rioters, murderers, looters, and other perpetrators of violence is the wrong thing to do.

    1. Amen. This is ridiculous. Sports is an escape from the craziness of life, especially in recent times.

      Where has common sense gone? They should not be supporting anyone who cannot follow the instructions of the law. If you feel something is wrong, there is a time and a place. If you do that, you get to WALK away with your life. You can’t fault these police officers when they give instructions and a person refuses to follow them. If they then feel their life is at risk, they have EVERY RIGHT to do what is necessary.

      As a teacher, you could see this coming for years now. Children are no longer taught to respect others, let alone authority. So what do people expect to happen when they get older? We’re seeing it now.

      1. Obviously, the players who actually provide your escape, disagree. Finally, the athletes realized (beyond owner/management) that THEY actually control the purse-strings. Well done,

        Also as a teacher, sports are reflective of culture, the good and the bad. Students are still taught to respect authority. It’s that, now, they are also taught the truth. I will honor Betts and Kershaw as leaders.

        1. They weren’t taught the truth before? I don’t understand. Would you mind expanding on that?

  2. Here you are Dodgers Nation…Your base of rightwing trolls jump to the finish line with propaganda in one hand and self righteous racism in the other. Believe it or not, not all sports publications allow themselves to be ruled by this level of ignorance put forward in any form. Time for a change folks. I’ll catch you over at The Athletic, The Undefeated, The Edge of Sports…a lot of critical thinking going on over there.

    1. Fredrick is butt-hurt over a pair of comments, so he paints the entire Dodger Nation website as full of trolls, and decides to take his ball and go home. How very sensible and open-minded of him.

    2. So because we don’t agree or don’t have the same viewpoint, you are the enlightened one and those of us on the other side are “trolls”, “racist”, and “ignorant”.

      What exactly is point of name calling? How does that resolve anything? How does that open the door for discussion? It doesn’t do any of those things. You really can’t grow by hanging around with people who simply agree with everything you do. You need people around you who challenge you. If you disagree with my “right wing propaganda” views, then this is exactly where you belong. Who knows, maybe we both learn something from each other. Just doing a little critical thinking here….

  3. I’m proud of the NL West teams that have postponed tonight’s games. I guess I’ll have to read a book or something. Small sacrifice in the name of racial justice.

  4. It’s hard for me to say much but I eventually do. You see I have blacks in the family, I have law enforcement in the family also. I am old enough to know that there have been many changes in law enforcement. Years ago police were the ones getting shot, over & over. So the training changed, a bit too aggressively. BUT, the attitudes of the blacks may have gotten worse also. I believe that if a person obeys the command of the officer and not do anything stupid or suspicious no one will get hurt or shot and maybe killed. Most things that I’ve seen someone does not do what they are told to do and things get out of hand. I have black friends usually good but they do not want to do anything with the law. I say better training on both accounts, cops,CHP, Sherriffs and Black communities.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. Just follow directions and nobody gets hurt. It really is that simple.

    2. Thank you for your perspective from both sides. I wish everyone would realize that each and every case of police shootings as well as police being harmed has it’s own set of circumstances. The media and social media is not the judge and jury. Most people agree that everyone should be held responsible for their actions, whether its a subject resisting arrest or a police officer overstepping his boundaries. Protesting that turns destructive and violent, and even professional sports teams doing this sort of thing is doing nothing but dividing us. You see all of the cardboard cutouts in the stadiums that support the charities fighting social injustice. That is a good way to help.Thousands have done it, but it’s their choice whether to or not. No one criticizing them one way or the other. How does kneeling, refusing to stand during our anthem, or refusing to play when you are a professional team help prevent social injustice? It further divides and cause people to throw insults and attack each other when they don’t agree. By all means, support your cause, whatever it is, peacefully, quietly, and don’t ram it down everyone else’s throats.

  5. Play the games. These athletes likely have no idea of the real facts and should stay in their lane.

    Personally I am not interested in their political opinions.

  6. I cannot believe this stance was taken by Professional Sports, seeing how the facts were not even brought out ! It is very unfortunate what had happened to Mr Blake but I truly believe he thought he could have just walked away wanting or daring the officer’s to do something so he could say (Police are Biased toward) — Black Race — and all that has been going on in America , he thought maybe, he could get something going again ! Make a statement ,unfortunately his statement I’m sure, was not the out come he wanted, his Mom and Sister seemed God loving and did not want any violence to derive from this incident, Mr.Blake behaved in a criminal way ,He should have listened and not to get him in the position and results that occurred, Mr. Blake was no angel in his past , How many Police have been killed in the line of duty ? How come we don’t burn buildings down in protest of the officers getting killed or disabled ? I could go on and on but I’ll end it by saying. What was the ” REASON “? CANCELLING the Sports not even knowing the “FACTS ” of the incident that took place that day ….. POT STIRRERS …..Grow Up.

  7. Multi-million dollar athletes, who live in gated communities in the off-season, have people around them to protect them almost everywhere they go, and who depend on the average fan to pay those salaries so they can live the lifestyle they do, are lecturing us that we need to be more understanding of so-called marginalized people. Pleeeese!!! Take a closer look at what groups like BLM really stand for. Maybe these same multi-millionaires should send some of their salaries to the business owners who have had their businesses torched and looted by so-called peaceful protesters. You’re turning off the fans guys! Wise-up and just play baseball.

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