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Dodgers and Indians Discussions Reportedly Involve Lindor and Clevinger

While the major free agent signings have taken place, there are still moves to be made. Now is the time of the off-season where MLB teams get creative and think outside the box to fill a need.

Furthermore, David Vassegh joined MLB Network on Thursday late afternoon to talk about one of these scenarios. Interestingly enough, the Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Dodgers continue to talk key parts of a Francisco Lindor deal. Equally important – the name Mike Clevinger has now entered the equation for the Dodgers – according to Vassegh.

You can see the content of the segment in the video below, which we will break down for you.

Obviously, one of the key components of any trade with the Indians seems to remain Gavin Lux. Remember, Lux has six years of control remaining for the Dodgers or any presumptive team. Of course, this makes him extremely valuable in any trade, aside from his high pedigree as a young player. Still, if the Dodgers are willing to involve Lux, the Indians may involve a player of nice value in the way of Clevinger says Vassegh.

“The Dodgers have a lot of prospect capital, not just guys but guys that can make a difference. And Gavin Lux from what I have been told is a guy the Indians would want involved in any deal for Francisco Lindor. From what I have found out the last 24 hours – there have been different versions of the trade discussed – that would include Lindor but not Corey Kluber. It would be Lindor and possibly Mike Clevinger.”

Next, Vassegh explains why getting Clevinger in a deal would be preferential as opposed to Kluber.

“Clevinger is entering his first year of arbitration, so he’s a little bit more of a controllable asset than Kluber; who is a free agent at the end of the season. Indeed the Dodgers and Indians continue to talk from what I have been told.”

What do you think Dodgers Nation? What is a good package to land Lindor and Clevinger from Cleveland, while not giving up too much? Be fair in the comments section below.

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  1. The Dodgers could’ve had everything they needed for just money. Now they are supposedly trying to make trades where it’ll cost Lux Ruiz May Gonsolin to get a difference maker. They blew it. Just forget about trades it’ll cost too much. Their chance was on the FA market

    1. Of course you pursue this. And I’d rather have Clevenger than Kluber. He’s a young strong pitcher who consistently posts a strong ERA. Kluber is the better one to play the damaged goods card on given the broken arm and abdominal issue that blew away his season last year. I’d gift wrap Lux for them in exchange for Lindor and Clevenger. The only issue would be who else to give up. May and Ruiz should be protected, especially with Barnes gone

        1. Think it could just be Lux, Ruiz, Gonsolin or May not both. Obviously the sticking point I feel is Lux. And that is a big decision.

          1. Give them Seager and keep Lux! nice to get Kluber but Clevenger will do. just hope Lindor hits as well in the playoffs!! We need clutch hitters that produce in the playoffs!

          2. I heard this report yesterday on MLB channel, they said it was Lux AND May and perhaps Gonsolin. Lux has been on everyone’s radar/wish list for a couple of years now. Everyone wants him and that tells you all you need to know. He is being sought after just like Bellinger was. He is rated one of the top minor league prospects in all of baseball. I would not trade him. Especially when you consider Lindor…..he is always hurt…..then he goes to arbitration one more year, then he is gone, Clevinger, you get two years more from him for a total of three seasons. Lux and May could be potential Dodgers stars for years to come……….They (the Indians) know they cannot keep these guys much longer, that is why they are willing to discuss this deal. Good deal for Cleveland……….Dodgers not so much………

          1. @Bluz1st— Lindor has only missed 39 total games over his four full seasons. I don’t think that qualifies as always hurt…

    2. They blew nothing. I’m sorry you don’t understand the business side of baseball. Please stick to you day job.

      1. Keep Lux an May, dumb trade, Lindor wont stay in this over Taxed State, two years and gone, put money somewhere else, and keep cheap controllable kids, with ton of upside.

      2. Wow that would be a Dumb trade.
        First the Indians moved Kluber already so there is little motivation to move there star unless the Dodgers give up way to much to get him.
        Secondly Andrew Friedman has shown time and time again that he can get these sort of deals done anyway.
        This team has deep pockets, a lucrative tv deal, (over 350 mil a year with out selling one beer ticket ect.) and financial flexibility being under the luxury tax. They should have gone all in on FA and not gut our young controllable talent.
        You Sir don’t have a clue on what is happening here. Or why True Dodger fans are not going along with the FO blunders.

  2. I would also gift wrap Lux for Lindor and Clevinger. And too complete the deal. U have too give them Dustin May, Ruiz, Stripling and Joc. Friedman I’ve been very critical of you. Even calling u the devil. Well on this day of the Virgin Mary. I will take everything I’ve said about you back if you pull the trigger on this deal. And the Dodger fans this package is not bad it’s very good. Remember will be getting the best shortstop in baseball and the partner that Walker needs. They would be a tough one two punch we need for the playoffs. Do it Andrew make this a very Mary X-mas.

    1. Good post! Cracked me up.
      I wouldn’t hold my breath on the trade talks, but you never know. X mas could come early
      Sorry for previous posts, I’m toning it down.

      1. IDK how folks feel about Josh Donaldson but even though he is older than Rendon, he would not cost anywhere near as much in $$ and years on a FA deal. He is a good defensive 3rd baseman and perhaps our hitting coach can get him to cut down on his K’s. He would not cost us prospects and neither would Ryu or Bumgarner. I would exhaust all FA options before trades because if Lux is not part of any deal proposed out there then the trade will not happen. If we have to trade, then trade a couple of those other LHB we have because MLB guys did mention that 6 years of control with Lux would still be better than only 2 years of control with Lindor.

    2. I don’t think you give up too much unless you can sign Lindor to a new contract, I don’t think it is worth trading Lux, Ruiz and May (6-years of control) for Lindor and Clevinger (2-years of control).

  3. Do we take a win now approach? Then definitely give up Lux. Can also send Pederson, Ruiz and Gonsolin. That would be fair imo.

  4. Let’s get lindor, clevinger. We will give may, lux and Ruiz. Pull this one through. DODGERS BABY LETS GO

  5. Don’t send Joc anywhere and hold on to Ruiz and Gonsolin! For Lindor and Clevinger, package Lux, May, and Corey Seager. Kiki Hernandez or Chris Taylor should be gone before Joc, if that’s the trade package.

    1. Joc has to be part of the package to save some money. Joc will be getting around 9 million and personally I don’t think he’s worth it.

    2. I’m guessing your a Giants fan Hal, because that was just non-sense and makes no sense

      1. Saying nonsense makes no sense is the same thing. Therefore your comment is nonsense too. Don’t ever change your name to English101

  6. I’d only give one prospect, not Lux and Ruiz. If they are giving us a pitcher and a short stop them for starters we should give them a pitcher, Maeda and maybe Stripling or Santana or White, and a short stop, Seager. I heard they need a second baseman, then add either Kike or Taylor. Then do they still want Lux? Or will a few more good minor leaguers do, other than May, Ruiz, Lux.
    It we have plenty of what they want, and players that are cost controlled. I say keep adding players until it’s enoigh, just not players we need this year.

    1. Do you know who Lindor is? He’s one of bright young stars of baseball who will be a cornerstone of the Dodgers for years. If he maintains his trajectory, he’s a sure-fire Hall of Famer. You give up several prospects for that.

      1. First Andrew Friedman can’t get a deal like this done unless he gives up everything.
        He has gotten almost nothing for most of his deals.
        Second it could be a 2 year RENTAL
        So to give up everything for a potential Rental would be the dumbest thing I can think of…
        Seal brown do you work for the Dodgers front office??

  7. I’m chiming in from the other side of this. Having watched the Dolan’s over the years and the front office I can’t see them giving up Clev now. He is too cheap and controlled. They love that. Any trades have come with someone who has far less control and makes way more. Lux has to be on the table or they won’t bite. A full, healthy season for Clev and he is in the cy young top two. Everyone loves Frankie here, if they gave him up it would be for a huge haul. Remember the Indians are very frugal. I don’t want to see Lindor go but we won’t be able to keep him. Lux and May are a start, but knowing us someone else has to come to. I wouldn’t hold out that this trade happens.

  8. I think the Dodgers have a tendency to over value some of the prospects. Proven veteran players are always better than prospects. The only caveat for me is the length of remaining years on Lindors contract and Cleavengers contract. If you don’t want to send them Lux then you will give the a package of May , Jeter Downs , Kenta Maeda Chris Taylor

    1. there is no trade where I see Maeda leaving. He’s too good especially in the pen in the playoffs!

  9. No way the tribe trades Clevinger. He has to much club control left for a small market team. This article is all bs.

  10. I don’t believe any such trade can be finalized until the Donaldson issue is resolved. This is a waiting game until LA signs or doesn’t that particular FA. Simply if yes, then Seager becomes “tradealbe” and can be included in the package with Lux, giving Cleveland their middle infield for years to come. Add a pitcher not named May and possibly Ruiz and that makes a good 4 for 2 (Clevinger) swap benefiting both teams. If LA does not sign Donaldson then the package of 4 would have to include May most likely. However I would not like to see Verdugo or May included. Make sense?

  11. Lindor and Clevinger are major leaguers, Lux, May and Ruiz are not. Prospects tend to be overrated. Look at Seager, Barnes and arguably Chris Paddack- San Diego. He was supposed to be a stud and couldn’t beat first tier teams. Verdugo shouldn’t be shipped out. If they also take AJ Pollock that would be awesome.

  12. Won’t happen giving up on Lux…Maybe players we got from Cincy, W say Pederson, and a Pitcher…Lux is not gonna happen….Now will our present SS be happy @ third?????Or does LA do a Yankees A La A-Rod and have the better SS play third as to not upset current SS a La owner of Miami…..

  13. I would not include Lux in such a trade unless it included an extension to Lindor’s contract.

  14. Let’s do whatever it takes to win a WS!! I’m sure every true Dodger fan will agree we’re all tired of watching other teams celebrate on our field!!

  15. No way I’m giving up Lux! Lux may not put up the power numbers of Lindor, but his ceiling for BA and OBP is a lot higher. We have guys who can hit the ball far…we need guys who can get on base!

  16. I like Lux a lot and am glad we didn’t trade him for Felipe Lopez. We’d be out of Lux. But, for Lindor and Clevenger, I would have to say do it. I would offer Gonsolin or May, not both and 1 of Taylor or Hernandez. 3 for 2

  17. I hate to say this, but isn’t Cleveland in the American League? Do we not have the best possible DH in Baseball? Max Muncy! Put him in the deal as he is worth allot to an American League team. Keep Lux, Seager to third, Lux at second Turner at first. we lose Max. Gonsellin, Pederson, and another prospect not named Ruiz. We have too many infielders and outfielders anyhow. Wish we never signed Pollack!

  18. I’d trade Lux, Urias (or May), Ruiz and Pederson for Lindor and Clevinger. I don’t care about the 6 years of control with Lux. He has to go if they are to get even just Lindor. The Dodgers will see fit to platoon Lux, anyway. Lindor will play every day and he’s also a great fielding SS. They don’t need Ruiz. They would still have good prospect depth at catcher. Verdugo should play every day in LF, so Joc should be traded. I’m hoping Pollock goes in a different salary dump deal, or for a pitcher with a bad contract too.

  19. I don’t know but personally I just Love watching baseball. I just hope the right pieces are available
    for Roberts in this 2020 season. That’s what they want and the fans want.
    I think Kelly and Tienien if things go right could work. Mad Bum only allowed let’s say less that 100 runs last year. If we could pickup up him for 4 years/ 85 mil. W/ option that would work. Trade for Hader as a possible reliever in the wings…. Use Peterson, and Gray to get him..Maybe….I don’t want the White Sox to get him.

  20. I think Kelly and Tienien if things go right could work. Mad Bum only allowed let’s say less that 100 runs last year. If we could pickup up him for 4 years/ 85 mil. W/ option that would work. Trade for Hader as a possible reliever in the wings…. Use Peterson, and Gray to get him..Maybe….I don’t want the White Sox to get him.

  21. Lifelong Indians fan here. Sadly another hall of famer will need to be traded. No way do I see them moving Clevinger, too good and cheap. They will not make this move without Lux, and I could see us moving Kluber. He is a true pro and basically had a year off, he’ll be great again this year based on his work ethic and professionalism. Tito overworked him the last 4 years as he’s prone to do.Pedersen fills a need and we’d ask for at least 2 younger pitchers in the deal, we’ve got tons of young controllable pitching right now in the majors, AAA and AA, I’d look for them asking for A ball pitchers to develop. We’re really good at that

  22. @bluz1st. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Lindor has played at or above 150 games every season of his career except his rookie year when he was called up after a quarter of the season passed and still played almost 100 games. You are just making still up about him always being hurt??? Stop hating. He is better than anyone the Dodgers have on their roster and it isn’t even close.


  23. The Dodgers are wasting their time talking to Cleveland. Neither team has to do this and, just like last year with the Kluber talks, the Tribe will only agree if LA overwhelms them. It’s not going to happen. The Dodgers should be talking to Chicago about Bryant – who can also play the outfield. The Cubs are motivated to move him and they don’t need Lux; They need young pitching.

  24. I say you need to do this deal give up Lux to me he’s still unproven give up Ruiz because Smith will behind the plate for years to come give Gonsenlin and May

  25. Tribe fan in Florida here. The emergence of pitchers like Bieber, Civale and Plesac put the Indians back in contention when they were probably looking at a full rebuild. This allows them to trade a pitcher like Kluber. However, trading Clevinger with 3 yrs of control remaining isn’t a win-now move. If they do that, it will probably be a pure prospect trade. I agree with most of you that Lux is a must, and at least three of your Top-100 guys plus more to get the Tribe to part with both Lindor and Clev. You would love Clevinger. He’s an emerging ace in his prime who has added 5 MPH to his fastball via leg strength training. He keeps the ball in the park and only allows about .8 hits per inning.

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