Dodgers and Yankees Open As the World Series Favorites

MLB just got things going on paper, but that has not stopped the sportsbooks from getting ready to get back to normal. Caesar’s Sportsbook set their MLB favorites, and the Dodgers are right at number one. 

Caesar’s set the Los Angeles Dodgers as 7-2 favorites to take home their first championship since 1988. The sportsbook also had the New York Yankees at 7-2, making them the two favorites for a World Series. The Houston Astros came in at third with 11-2 odds. 

The news comes just a few short hours after commissioner Rob Manfred made the announcement that Major League Baseball would be returning as soon as July 23rd. Dodgers players will start to head back to Los Angeles to get Spring Training started by July 3rd, though they are expected much sooner. 

The fact that the Dodgers are slated to start the season as favorites should come as no surprise. They already had MVP Cody Bellinger in the outfield, but they also added another MVP in Mookie Betts to the outfield mix for 2020. The two combined for a ridiculous 16 WAR in what amounted to Bets’ 2nd or 3rd best offensive season. 

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  1. So excited that the game of Baseball has finally come back to Us!! And even though we cannot attend any games at Dodger Stadium..We will still support Our Boys in Blue!! We Welcome back Our Dodgers with open arms and we will be watching every game you play!! And this Dodger Girl supports you 100% all the way!!

  2. Another exciting MLB season that puts our beloved Dodgers as WS favorite contenders. We the fans support this exciting talented team to the end. Putting behind failed opportunities from the past 5 yrs, Go Dodgers! Followed as a loyal fan since Fernandomania in 1981 spanking those Yanks. Now we’ll do it again in 2020.

  3. What a surprise LA NY and HOU are the top three once again yet only one has actually won a championship recently and they cheated for it. Odds really prove to be meaningless pretty much every year

  4. With a 60 game season I think the Royals could win it all. More like extended spring training exhibition season. I’ll sit out this year as a fan and wait for a real season.

  5. Glad the “season” is finally here. Manfred is making a joke of baseball for us that want baseball as it should be. He is too concerned about saving a little time with his changes. One he forgot was the homerun. Why does the batter have to run the bases? Manfred could save another 15 or 20 seconds. Yes, it’s stupid but some of his idea are too. Get back to real baseball

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