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Dodgers: Andre Ethier Backs Up Trevor Bauer’s Strong Words of Frustration

Trevor Bauer’s comments after a weekend loss had Dodgers fans split. Bauer talked about being angry with the way the team was playing and that he came to Los Angeles to win ballgames. Obviously, that wasn’t happening over the last couple of weeks. 

Fans across the internet mostly agreed with Bauer, given that the Dodgers had been playing pretty terribly. But there were also some fans that felt like he was being selfish when he said that he came here to win. 

Former Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier doesn’t quite agree with those fans. Dre appeared on am570’s Extra Innings podcast with Dave Vassegh to talk about how he would react to Bauer saying that to media if he was in the clubhouse. 

For a guy who is now the highest-paid player in baseball, the top free agent. And on a limited-year contract. To clearly state that he wants to win, and he’s here to win and be successful, a hometown guy from LA and that’s his goal? I mean yeah I don’t take any offense, I don’t think that rubs anyone the wrong way. If I was in that locker room that would not rub me the wrong way one bit, showing that frustration. 

If anyone knows what it’s like to carry weight in a Major League clubhouse, it’s certainly Andre Ethier. So if he tells you that he doesn’t view it in a negative light or in a selfish way, you can probably assume most of the Dodgers clubhouse feels the same way. 

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Fans are entitled to their opinion and they should be. But in this particular instance, I don’t think the goal for Trevor was to say that he wants to win ballgames just for himself. Everyone knows what this Dodgers team is capable of, and losing 15 of 20 games is absolutely frustrating. 

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  1. I feel the exact same way as Trevor and Andre. I have been a true blue Dodger fan for almost 60 years. It’s terrific that the players want to win and that helps the intensity and focus.

    1. They have no excuse not to win with what those clowns get paid in LA. They should never lose! Their salary is as much as like the entire league! They need caps now! Obviously $ doesnt get you championships covid does!

  2. I’m glad to see former players like Dre, J-Hair, Nomar, Bulldog, and others agree w/ the frustrations Trevor and Kershaw have stated. I’m only a fan but it’s enlightening to see former Dodger All-Stars feel the frustrations of DodgerNation. I hope the current team appreciate the concerns we are all trying to communicate to them. As Mr. LASORDA said, correct me if I’m wrong “ this is not the big league but this is the Major League when you play for the LOS ANGELES DODGERS”

    1. I also recall he saying “ you are not playing for the name on your back but for what it is on the front of your jersey” or something similar to that. I believe that’s what they’re trying to achieve.

  3. I was coaching in the minor leagues for Bill Plummer and we were in the middle of a four game losing streak and had just lost our fifth in a row. Bill was really pissed and we both left the dugout to go to the club house. In the center of the players locker room they would sent up a very large table for an after game players spread, hamburgers, hot dogs, tri tip sandwiches and all the condiments. As Bill walked passed the table, he overturned the whole thing and there was food every where. We continued into our coaches room and not a word was said. A short time later the players filtered into the clubhouse laughing and chattering like always, win or lose. As soon as they saw the mess, the clubhouse was as quiet as a tomb. They all showered and left, no noise, no talking what so ever. The message was received loud and clear, not a word was spoken about it the following day, they won the next eight and we went on to win the league championship. Occasionally a team that is underperforming needs a little kick in the butt, in that situation it worked just fine. I appreciated what Bauer said, not unlike Kirk Gibson in ’88.

  4. Trevor’s comments were spot on for the entire team. Perfectly executed. Dre and others appreciated his sentiments as appropriate and necessary. Dodgers are turning a corner and as they get some injured players back this month, should have a very nice June!

  5. the game is becoming a softer version of baseball because of the recent changes..
    our comments about performance and the game we love should not follow suite!! You play the Game to win .

  6. I’m not a Dodger fan so don’t think I’m making excuses. The Dodgers have had a lot of injuries for such a short time so far. They have had Turner, Seager, Betts banged up along with a less than healthy pitching staff. Mix in a little bit of lousy Rios play at first base and you get what we’ve seen thus far

  7. True Blue from birth. Thrilled in 88, cried in 2020. I support Bauer’s comments. If you’re offended because a committed teammate is playing with fiery passion and demands excellence from himself and his teammates, then go be a Giants fan. Got no use for crybabies who need coddled.

  8. Been Dodger fan since they moved west. Moved to Dallas 3 yrs ago to be near one of our 7 children and 4 of our 16 grandkids. When Dodgers were here last year for 3 weeks we were only a few miles away from Arlington. Tried to go but few tickets were too expensive. Watched every minute on Tv. 3 glorious weeks. Was so excited to start this season 13-2 then got so dejected and depressed next 5-15 that I too reacted. Many games on here in Texas very late till 100 am. Finally shut tv off and my phone on MLB ABD NOW WE HAVE 3 game winning stretch and think rest of home stand will be winner. So I expressed my frustration like Bauer and something happened. Truly hoping June July August will return this team to promised land. See signs of awakening. Bellinger and many pitchers returning. We will see new Dodger team

  9. Also heard Bauer say he wasn’t feeling well the day he lossed in Anaheim that makes me laugh just accept your L don’t make excuses that you didn’t feel well. Every team has injuries it’s part of the game Upton, rendon
    trout And ohtani have all been on the injured list for the angels this year and they’ve had for games cancelled in the 1st month of the season

  10. I agree 100% with Trevor . The team needs to get a kick in the butt. They are so much better than what they have exhibited so far . They have very little spark and need to get some more energy and not make excuses and get some emotions back after a poor performance. They seem to not care if they win or lose. We need more players like Trevor and less like Rios.

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