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Dodgers: Andre Ethier Reveals His All-Time Favorite Teammate

Andre Ethier has been a recurring guest on am570‘s Dodgers Talk with David Vassegh the last few months, and the stories from Dre have been great. One of the most unexpected little pieces came this past week when Andre started talking about former teammates.

Anyone who was a Dodgers fan from 2013 to 2015 knew there was something different about Zack Greinke. When Los Angeles inked him to a then-record six-year deal, fans were unsure of what they would get from him. As it turns out, Greinke would turn in the most dominant three years of pitching you could ever hope for in a starter. 

In those three years before Greinke opted out of his contract, he went 51-15 with a  2.30 earned run average and a sterling 2.97 FIP. For three years, he was practically unhittable. Paired with the dominance of Clayton Kershaw, the Dodgers experienced one of their all-time great one-two punches in the starting rotation. As it turns out, Andre Ethier was surprisingly close friends with Greinke. 

He was really one of my favorite teammates of all time. For some strange reason, we got along really well. We would go out of the road together for dinner, many times. He loved to read economic books on Chinese and American trade, foreign and American trade-economic books, really random and weird. But he would always invite me, I think he would get really bored…so I could talk and entertain him a few times…

Greinke is known for having some experiences with anxiety and depression, something that made him seem standoffish with Dodgers’ media at times. But Ethier knows what Zack is really like, and was always a huge fan. 

We had a pretty good friendship when he was on the team. Probably something that not a lot of people knew, that Zack does have a personality and is a pretty funny guy…He’s a guy who was honestly one of the teammates I could go out and talk something besides baseball and I think that’s what he liked. 

And there you have it, a fun little tidbit from a former Dodgers’ star. 

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  1. Would have guessed that another outfielder would have been Ethier’s favorite teammate. Wish that Ethier could have continued to play a little longer.

  2. Very cool little short comment from Eitheir about Zack G. Wish still to this day the Dodgers kept him

  3. He had something left in the tank, but there weren’t any takers in 2018. The way the Dodgers are constructed now, there wasn’t room for a pinch hitting specialist and they want players who can play several positions. But he drove in the only run for the Dodgers in that dismal game seven in the 2017 series. He should have gotten another job playing somewhere in mlb, but it didn’t happen.

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