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Dodgers: Andre Ethier Reveals What He Misses the Most About Playing in LA

Andre Ethier was a Dodger mainstay for more than decade. The outfielder spent his entire 12-year major career in Dodger blue.

In an interview on Sportsnet LA with John Hartung, Ethier talked about the one thing he’ll miss the most now that his playing days are over.

“The thing I miss the most is just standing in that outfield. Right when it turns [to] nine o’clock. Everyone knows, nine o’clock around Dodger Stadium at a night game…that moisture, that dew starts getting on stuff.”

Every Dodgers fan can relate to watching the coastal fog spilling into the stadium on a summer night. Dodgers Stadium is a notorious pitcher’s park. The heavy Pacific air blowing in from Santa Monica is a big reason why. It’s something Ethier will never forget.

Ethier continued to reminisce about the sights and sounds of the only stadium he called home as a pro.

“You look up and there’s 56,000 fans in the stadium. The place is rocking and there’s no better feeling in that stadium, in the outfield grass, and getting to see the Dodger faithful around you.”

As a Dodger, Ethier was a two-time All-Star (2010 & 2011). He also won a Silver Slugger (2009) and a Gold Glove (2011). 2009 was Ethier’s signature Dodgers season. The lefty led the majors with six walk-off hits including four walk-off home runs. He finished sixth in NL MVP voting that year.

For Ethier, the fans and the stadium on those foggy summer nights are something he’ll remember fondly for many more years to come.

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Eric Eulau

Born and raised in Ventura, not "Ven-CH-ura", California. Favorite Dodger Stadium food is the old school chocolate malt with the wooden spoon. Host of the Dodgers Nation 3 Up, 3 Down Podcast.


  1. Many are not aware that Ethier’s mother is a Latina. So he has a great ability to get along with players from many different nationalities. A plus in this era.

  2. There’s now room to bring Andre aboard as coach/manager with Haselman leaving OKC. He’s been lobbying for a while so the timing us right.

  3. He continues to be the fan favorite he always was.

    However, we should to let his Dodger charisma get in the way of practicalities. I’d install him as manager at OKC or Tulsa for next year. That would be quite a leap in itself, since there are plenty of base and dugout coaches who paid their dues.

    And then, with success, the front office can say goodbye to Dave Roberts after next season and announce Ethier to helm on a one year contract.

    Or, as an alternative, make him a baseline coach at the major league level for the upcoming season, to test his baseball judgment. Then, with success, announce he will be managing in 2023.

  4. well maybe he can handle a pitching staff better than roberts. i disagree with doug mccains assessment of scherzer . he fails to recognize that if scherzer wasnt overworked by roberts and the dodgers that there wouldnt be an issue at all. st f ids. youve gotta be some kind of group of ids to run the entire pitching staff into the ground along with most of your main position players and 2 hall of fame pitchers and young stars like urias a buehler and not fire that id manager. ethier has to be an upgrade over roberts even if he doesnt know how to manage too well he still has to be better than that disaster roberts. correas a bad move too. plus he should wait another year sign a one year deal then reenter the market in 23 when thers less competition for shortstops. the market was flooded this year. whatd he expect? f ids. the dodgers are terrible saiary cap managers too. they dont have a clue as to how they should operate with interstellar efficiency. you develop on the farm. then you rotate the next batch of players roughly every 5 or 6 years to maximize talent at a lower cost. then you look for deals on good talents at reduced prices along with shorter terms to minimize risk over performance and injury occurences which are part of the statistical analysis and occur a certain percentage of the time over all cases and you look at trends along with recent history the latter 5 to ten years and then you calculate roughly what your chances are of getting players that wont work out and you attempt to mitigate future damage by playing your best estimated guesses and pray to god that you dont screw up like the dodgers every year. and if you r an idiot and you do which we all are, like clockwork you can guarantee here it comes, another f up then you try to learn from your mistakes and do better next time unlike the dodgers who just want to have a money orgy everyday and put up a front that theyre actually trying to play major league baseball instead of trying to con everybody! youre going to lose personell after every season so there could be a shortage . or the other teams are likely fully asleep or near total also. so theres no shortage. you just have to go outside of baseball for intellectual talent that can orient on the games aspects and reason out all the issues that crop up then engineer solutions to everything related to baseball . then you have to keep renewing talent theyre like t shirts. you buy a new one it gets ripped the next day you buy a new one. its real simple. theres nothing lasting in the baseball landscape with people. you have to flow and adapt continuously until you are done!

  5. I don’t see Ethier as a replacement for Roberts. However, there must be any number of administrative or coaching positions that he is well qualified to perform. He certainly loves the game, he is well-respected, and he could have a lot of success as a continuing member of the LA family.

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