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Dodgers: Andre Ethier Thinks Chris Taylor is ‘One Piece You Don’t Let Walk Away’

Chris Taylor is a free agent and in the eyes of former Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier, that’s a bad thing. On Thursday, the fan favorite discussed a conversation he had with Dave Roberts earlier in the year where the two men were completely in agreement on that fact. Taylor is a massively important component to the success of LA.

Here’s what Andre had to say on AM 570.

This last spring training, I text Dave Roberts and I said, ‘if Chris Taylor isn’t your favorite player, there’s gotta be something wrong with everyone.’ He goes, ‘I know, if I had 25 of him on my roster, it would be the easiest team to manage ever.’ Fast forward a couple months and me and Dave (Vassegh) are talking on our podcast and I go, ‘one thing we’re missing here is our biggest thing we need to do as soon as we can is sign Chris Taylor. Chris Taylor’s our guy. He might not be the (Corey) Seager, he might not be the (Clayton) Kershaw, but he’s kind of that jack of all trades and the one piece I think you don’t want to let walk away.’

The argument has been made by some — including this writer — that Chris Taylor is the most important Dodger on the free agent market. His level of versatility and production is irreplaceable. The Dodgers struggled mightily in trying to replace Kiké Hernandez on the roster a season ago. Taylor would be even harder.

In 6 years with the Dodgers, Taylor posted a .264 batting average with 79 home runs and 299 runs batted in. His positional versatility helped Dave Roberts more than any stats could ever quantify and it’s tough to imagine LA having the same level of success without him since his breakout 2017 season.

Whatever CT3 is looking for on the open market, it might just be worth it.

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Clint Pasillas

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      1. I’m on board with that. We can only hope that Drrrrrr being around at least for next season isn’t a deterrent for CT3 and some others. The Dodgers CANNOT replace Taylor if he goes elsewhere.

  1. Tell us something we don’t know. If LA does not sign Taylor, every off season move does not matter a bit.
    He. IS the key .

  2. IF you want to keep him you make financial space for him. Over 19/20 million a year is a lot for a utility player. those are starter wages.

    Who are willing to trade make room on the payroll?

    I would trade trea, since won’t be with the team after next season. Get what ever you can now for him.

    I would trade betts, too big and too long of contract for what you get.

    You could get some starters and all the depth you need for those players. And have money to sign some big free agents.

    1. If I know any better, you are not a real Dodger fan. You have no idea how the game of baseball works.

    2. Betts cannot be traded with that contract. He’s our Giancarlo Stanton, all we can hope for is that he’s clutch during the postseason throughout his tenure and that’s he’s a leader in the clubhouse which he decided to take a break from in 2021

  3. CT3 IS AN ALL-STAR! And I have the T-shirt to prove it. Re-sign him, Tio Albert, and Kersh, and bring Dre back as a coach!!!

    1. Pujols will sign with the Cardinals. Kersh will sign with the Rangers. Hopefully CT3 will be back. What would Ethier do since there is no open spot for coaching?

  4. Guggenheim needs to step in and order Friedman to stop getting heavily involved with the manager and coaches, then fire bozo and hire Scoscia, bring in Eithier as a coach under Mike, Andre can be a possible predecessor.

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