Dodgers: Andre Ethier Wants to Rejoin Organization with Old Teammate Matt Kemp

The Dodgers have fielded many great teams over their long and illustrious history with many great players having donned the iconic uniform. One of those players was outfielder Andre Ethier. The last time he wore a Dodger uniform was in 2017, during the World Series that prevented LA from glory. Since then, he’s been around the game in a limited capacity, usually lending his thoughts to AM 570 LA Sports.

Mr. Clutch himself recently joined David Vassegh on AM 570 LA Sports to reminisce about his time playing with the Dodgers. While talking to Vassegh, Ethier mentioned how he’s missed being with his former teammates including Matt Kemp, Russell Martin, and James Loney.

“I can’t wait till the day we are back in uniform together walking around Camelback Ranch talking about old times.”

Ethier specially mentioned playing with his former outfield mate Matt Kemp and in the mid to late 2000s.

Both former Dodgers were beloved in Los Angeles during their careers and for good reason. They both created a lot of memorable moments on the field and at the plate. Ethier was a member of the franchise from 2006-2017 while Matt Kemp was a Dodger from 2006-14 and again in 2018. 

With all the experience and stories they have, it wouldn’t hurt to see them back in Dodger blue mentoring the next generation of Dodgers. Whether it be in a coaching role, or just as an advisor during Spring Training, the organization needs to make it happen. The fans will demand it!

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  1. Actually I don’t understand why the Dodgers didn’t have Matt try out for the team this year…they could have used his bat off the bench pre Albert pick up…now of course….we do have a much better option….

  2. Hell, sign either one of them and replace Bellinger with them. Bellinger ain’t going to get any better. He’s been in a 2 year “slump”. Pujols needs to sit Bellinger’s butt down and explain to him on how to approach the plate and Bellinger needs to listen. Otherwise Cody’s glory days are long past. Doesn’t matter if he was and I just say was a golden glove. Even at batting in the 8th position he still manages to strike out in key situations (other nite for example, bases loaded with 1 out). Swings for the fences.

    • Dodgerglenn, hello there. Roberts will keep Bellinger in the lineup for his defense, mostly Roberts likes having Bellinger’s glove in CF against RHP, especially upon Mookie’s return.

      • You both are right and I agree with you!!!
        Bellinger gets a hit very once in a while like today but he swings for the fences every time and that tells me that his stubbornness is too much but Roberts loves him and we have to hope he gets better but I have my doubts!!! I wish him luck!!!

      • Bellinger’s defense is no where it was two seasons ago, recently there have been several occasions when he has missed the cutoff man with a throw allowing a runner to advance to scoring position, he has taken poor angles on balls hit in the gap also allowing runners to advance to scoring position. In a recent game with a ball that Taylor (playing right field) had to play off the wall in right center gap and ran into the wall, Bellinger was no where to be seen not even close to provide a back up to the play which is where he should have been and that resulted in a double turning into a triple. Add that to the fact that he is now a certified “rally killer”, yesterdays soft line drive hit to right was an anomaly, not the usual weak popup we have all seen time after time. The idea of Pujols sitting him down is a wonderful idea, obviously Roberts and his analytical driven band of “hitting coaches” none of which played the game professionally, have not been able change his approach. One can only hope that with no improvement made to this point, when Mookie returns, Bellinger is sitting on the bench where he deserves to be and Taylor in the lineup on a daily basis. This is not the “dog days” of summer now, this is now the drive time to win the division championship and sitting guys that do not produce is a must.

  3. I sort of agree. Kemp had a monster year only a few years ago, and the Dodgers traded him away and showed no loyalty at all. A nice back office job would be fair compensation.

  4. While Ethier and Kemp were great players in their day, I am not sure what they could add now. The ability to hit does not always translate into coaching skills. In fact, many hitting and pitching coaches were only OK as players. If they are interested, it would be up to the front office to determine if they could play a coaching role, either in LA, or at one of their minor league teams.

  5. Sadly the club can wait on bellingers bat
    Luckily they can afford to. They keep winning in spite of his lack of hitting skills

  6. Norm Cash hit .361 for the Tigers in 1961 and never exceeded .283 in 13 years after that during his career. Cody is a .260 hitter when he is on and like Wes Parker’s .319 in 1970, probably isn’t going to repeat his MVP like season. We can only hope he can recover to be a .250 hitter who can put 25-30 out.

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