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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Addresses the Trevor Bauer Situation

The Dodgers haven’t said much publicly about starter Trevor Bauer since he was first placed on administrative leave July 2nd amid sexual assault allegations. Bauer had his first day in court on Monday to determine if the victim’s temporary restraining order against Bauer would become permanent.

Against that backdrop, Dodger president of baseball operations, Andrew Friedman, stated on ESPN 710 that the team will have plenty to say about the situation. At least upon the conclusion of Bauer’s legal proceedings.

“We really know basically as much as you guys know. We’re gonna kind of sit back and wait for this to conclude and once it does, obviously we’ll have a lot to say on the matter.”

The Dodgers, from the players to the front office, have been exceedingly cautious regarding any public comments about Bauer. For better or for worse, the organization has collectively remained tight lipped on the subject. 

ESPN baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian all but confirmed that the Dodgers want nothing to do with Bauer. On Monday’s Baseball Tonight podcast, Kurkjian noted that he believes the Dodgers aren’t factoring the starter into their future plans. That includes this year, and beyond. The 2020 NL Cy Young winner signed a three year deal with an opt-out this past offseason.

“I have sensed from talking to some people with the Dodgers that they’re just not interested in getting Trevor Bauer back here at any point. Either soon, next year or whatever. They’ve distanced themselves from him because of the potential violations.”

Currently, Bauer’s court proceedings are a civil hearing regarding the nature of the restraining order. The proceedings are scheduled until Thursday. The pitcher is currently on paid administrative leave.

There’s no doubt that the Dodgers have privately had internal discussions about the troubling scenario. Eventually, the organization, and maybe even the players, will speak to the media in more depth about Bauer.

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