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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Gives A Coronavirus Update

Getting to hear from the Dodgers’  Andrew Friedman is a good reminder that baseball is still alive and well. The team’s President of Baseball operations gave an update on the team as well as his own personal life in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Friedman gave injury updates and his estimation on when things could get going, but also discussed coronavirus testing. The Dodgers have not been around anyone who has tested positive and therefore have not had to have any testing done.

So there you have it. It sounds like as of now, there is nothing to worry about in regards to Dodgers players contracting the virus. Things can always change, especially in the world of unknowns that we are living in right now. Just a few weeks ago, no one thought that this virus would even be an issue to the sport, let alone completely shut it down.

Friedman also talked about changes in his daily routine, and how the virus has changed the way he does everything. In fact, he’s had to start using the popular video service Zoom for video conferencing. Friedman had this to say about the popular app.

I hadn’t even heard of it two weeks ago and now it’s as much a part of my life as anything.

That’s just the world we live in right now. Regardless, it is comforting to know that there are not any worries with Dodgers’ players or their families at the moment. Expect more updates in the coming days. 

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  1. There’s no reason to worry about people in the sports world, other celebrities, or rich people. They’ll get all the testing and treatment they need. We should worry about the rest of us peasants

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