Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Hints at ‘Aggressive’ Approach at Trade Deadline

The MLB non-waiver trade deadline is coming up quickly. Teams have until July 30 to buy and sell. Andrew Friedman and the Dodgers are perennial buyers. According to Friedman, this year shouldn’t be any different.

Thin on starting pitching, and forever lusting for more bullpen arms, it would be a shock if Friedman didn’t make a move or two. Or three.

Friedman appeared on AM570’s Petros and Money this week and discussed the Dodgers approach to the 2021 trade market.

“From our standpoint, we’re trying to be as prepared as we can be. Have all of our ducks in a row. As we’ve shown over the years, when something made sense, we’ve been aggressive to act. I anticipate that being similar and what that ultimately means, not sure yet.”

What does make sense for the Dodgers and Friedman is acquiring more starting pitching. More names will float to the top of the rumor mill as the deadline gets closer and more teams become sellers. But, for now, those names are Jose Berrios, Charlie Morton, and Jon Gray.

Friedman also noted that the complexion of the deadline is different this season than in years past for the Dodgers. Both the Giants and the Padres aren’t going anywhere.

“We’re playing in a tough division with two really good teams. All kind of neck and neck and that certainly factors in.”

As always, the question becomes whether or not Friedman would be willing to part with top tier prospect talent. Catcher Keibert Ruiz is a tantalizing young player. Will Friedman actively shop the Dodgers’ top prospect in return for a starter the team desperately needs?

The Dodgers are short on starters and another bullpen arm or two wouldn’t hurt.

Whenever the Dodgers have had a clear need, Friedman has addressed it.

This trade deadline shouldn’t be any different.

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  1. Arms…we need ’em. But what about our anemic offense? According to Hershiser, we have an elite offense. My view is that it is hit or miss. We don’t have the pitching anymore to cover the lapses. Swing a deal for Ian Kennedy, Jose Barrios and Whit Merrifield. Tradables are Lux and Barnes, maybe even Belly. Can’t hit.

  2. Put Barney in by a package and clear the way for Keibert. He’s stuck in OKC with no place to go.

    • I doubt it if Barnes is moved. But I also have a feeling that any trade for a starter and/or reliever will perhaps cost them Ruiz. My guess is that most teams will want at least Ruiz in return. WSS.

      • Arms..??? How about something we Dodger fans have known weve been needing since the start of the season.. A CLOSER TO REPLACE JENSEN AND OUT HIM BACK IN MIDDLE RELIEF WHERE HIS NERVES WONT GET THE BEST OF HIM.

        Weve been avoiding this White elephant in the road all …Let’s GET THIS DONE..

  3. Would hate to lose Ruiz. Not really familiar with his overall catching prowess, but guessing that’s what’s holding him back. Wouldn’t hesitate to trade Barnes, but he’s not gonna fetch a top notch player by himself. Only a few stars on the farm and hope Andy doesn’t move one he’ll regret down the line. Diego Cartaya another young catcher that should be protected. Miller and a couple of other pitchers and that’s about it. And somebody by the name of Justin Yurchak who’s hitting about .380 with Great Lakes. Lux a tough one. Defense shaky and will he ever be able to start against lefties? Lots of teams would trade for Belli figuring they can fix him…..can anybody fix him?

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