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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Speaks On Kenley Jansen’s LA Career, Future in Blue

Despite the ups and downs he’s endured over the past couple of seasons, Kenley Jansen has meant a lot to the Dodgers organization. Who knew that the converted catchers could eventually surpass the 1,000 strikeout mark and become the franchise leader in saves (350) and it’s not even close. 

The memories of his iconic entrance to Tupac’s California Love followed by some swing and misses due to his filthy cutter may be coming to an end. Kenley Jansen’s 5-year contract with the team is up and he has hit the free agent market once again. Jansen will be looking to cash in, possibly for the final time, this offseason after reinventing himself to once again become a lockdown closer. 

President of baseball operations Andrew Friedman spoke on the Jansen and his free agency. 

“He had an unbelievable year. He’s had an unbelievable Dodgers career up to this point. For him, it’s about figuring out what’s best for him and his family. So many times in these situations, it’s dictated, as it should be, by the players and what makes the most sense for them.”

Jansen has earned the right to choose where the next chapter of his career will lie. After taking less money to remain with the Dodgers 5 years ago, the 34-year-old may now prioritize where he wants to base his family for the long term. Or where he can get the most money for his talent. Whether that’s with the Dodgers or another ball club is now up to him. 

“If he’s back with us, we get to continue moving forward and trying to win a championship. And if not, we can speak more about what he has meant to this organization. But it’s early.”

With Jansen back as the team’s closer, it would allow Dave Roberts to continue to use Blake Treinen freely. It would also keep the bullpen as a strength for the team once again in 2022, assuming there is no regression from any of the current core. 

It’ll be inserting to see what his decision ultimately is. Will he remain in Los Angeles and continue to help fight for more championships or will he take his services elsewhere?

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  1. Re-Sign Jansen. I was worried a couple of years back that he was unwilling to change what he has been doing “re-invent” himself. This year, the re-invention is complete. He as a couple of new pitches, good mix and the potential for a couple of more years actually being better, more effective than at any time in his career. Question is “How Much?’

  2. Don’t need him. The fans have made it clear thet they don’t want him back, me included.

    1. Dodger Prince, from most fans here Roberts is more of an issue here, meaning we had many hoping and praying he does not get an extension. And many don’t care for him to be back in 2022. But if there is a season, Roberts and his infamous in game and pitching decisions will be back also.

        1. I will boo him every time I go to a game if he is still there. A petition needs to be started to fire this psycho.

    2. wrong!! How can you not nee a future HOF player? Do we need Kershaw,, Scherzer, Pujols, Betts back? All potentially future HOF’ers. You can likele remove the probably from Kershaw, Pujols and Jansem, so yes we need that 3k 9th inning lockdown

  3. Let KJ decide. Don’t overpay him. If greed takes him elsewhere, don’t let it worry Dodger fans. We have boys in blue that will become Men in Blue.

  4. KJ makes over a quarter million dollars per appearance. Think about it boys and girl. Is he really worth this, or would it be better to pay all the ballpark workers, who rarely get to see the game, a few dollars more per hour? Paying this guy this kinda money is..SICK!…..BEYOND SICK…..Treinen should be the closer, Bickford, Vesia for the 7th and 8th. Take a hike Kenley…..and take your buddy #30 with you.

    1. Of course it’s wrong and sick, but if he doesn’t get it from the Dodgers he’ll get it from somewhere else and the Dodgers will be paying the same thing to someone else.

      As far as I can tell, it doesn’t look like we’re going back to the era where players had winter jobs just to make ends meet, anytime soon. You don’t have to get like it, I don’t, but you might as well get used to it, it’s the current state of the game.

  5. Let’s see what Kenley will accept to come back to the only team he’s known, like Kersh. Like Kersh, he’s getting up there so find the league average for his age and performance and give him 2 years with options for player and team.

  6. KJ continuing in blue is certainly possible. One year, maybe two at average wage would work. With Max on board and May coming back pitching in good shape moving a starter down to bullpen. Automatically makes Treinen the closer.

    Now the big move— Can a manager be found to lead this team of all-stars ? ?

  7. I absolutely want to see Kershaw, Jansen, Taylor & Scherzer resigned. I can’t imagine them playing for our opponents!
    As for Seager, who knows if he’s going to the highest bidder? Trea Turner can slide over to short stop. I think Pujols wants to keep playing & money has nothing to do with it, so we should try to keep him, especially if the NL finally gets the DH. If anyone should get the boot it’s Manfred! How can we get rid of him?

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