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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Talks Clayton Kershaw’s Free Agency and Future in LA

The Dodgers are likely going to lose a couple of big names this offseason. After successfully keeping the core guys together for a good number of years, chances are that a few key pieces are moving on in free agency. 

And as sad as it might be, Clayton Kershaw could very well be one of those guys. He’s been in the Dodgers organization since they drafted him out of High School back in 2006. He debuted in 2008 and has since become one of the greatest pitchers of his generation. 

But heading into his age 34 season, Kershaw is going to be a free agent. Dodgers President of Baseball Operations spoke earlier about that and what it might mean to bring him back. For Friedman, there is something nostalgic about making him a Dodger for life. 

What he’s meant to this organization and this city, I think again, from his standpoint it’s all about what makes the most for him and Ellena and their family. I think there is something, taking off my President of Baseball Operations hat, there’s something nostalgic and great about Kersh playing with one team. Being able to win another championship, and having a parade. That being said, he’s put himself in this position to go out and do whatever makes the most sense for his family, and we support him in that. 

Dodgers fans almost universally agree that they want Kershaw back. But with his age and ending the season with an arm injury, it’s obviously a gamble, as most arms are. That doesn’t change the fact that they want him back in Los Angeles. 

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Teh biggest questions all remain on Kershaw’s side of things. The Dodgers hurler is very family-oriented, and he might consider going back home to Texas to play. Alternatively, he could also give some thought to retiring from baseball altogether, though many believe that won’t happen. 

But you can’t help but feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy inside thinking of Clayton Edward Kershaw as a lifetime Dodger. 

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  1. This has to be a very tough call for the Dodgers…..

    My bet would be both parties want Clayton to be a Dodger for life, and I agree.

    Playing for 1 organization for your entire career is a ‘stat’ that most can not lay claim too.

    Playing for 1 organization, with a storied career, just adds to the ‘iconic’ persona of the player.

    I say, go for it.


    1. Agreed.

      More great news for Dodgers fans:

      CEO Stan Kasten “we had a great year but it wasn’t good enough!”

      Can’t ask more than that if your a fan!

      1. Agreed.

        These are ‘words’, let’s see where they go with things…. Although, history does bode well for us.

        Interesting too, SD just hired a Pitching Coach, before the manager…. We know who is running that club!


    1. Could very well be. Certainly don’t over-pay. 2018 was already his valedictory contract.

  2. Ok sports fans,

    2022 update taken from an interview by my favorite criticism target…of course you all know who that is…POBO. These are taken from media day interview.

    TAKEAWAYS are mine and mine alone:

    -he is really praying to heaven he gets a mulligan on the human dumpster fire and sorely regrets ever signing him. Never seen anyone so uncomfortable when asked a direct question.

    -this will displease several but others will be happy…Doc’s not going anywhere. Like it or not.

    -if I know Kersh at all he will be back

    -I expect Max to be wearing a red uniform next year with a little birdie on it.

    -cya Corey

    -expect a younger starting pitching core. Think Mitch White and Andre Jackson to be featured. Possibly Ryan Pepiot and Bobby Miller possibly

    -this one surprised me a bit, but I don’t expect Kenley to be back and maybe not Kelly either (I think it would be a mistake personally)

    The rest probably depends on just how things unfold as each decision affects the remaining ones.

    Questions? Comments?

    Should be an interesting hot stove season for sure.

      1. President of baseball ops. My fav criticism target. 😉

        Don’t get me started lol

    1. Your assessment is reasonable. If Kenley expects another big payday he’ll be gone and, if so, resigning Knebel is imperative. Kelly’s not a big loss and I still don’t forgive him for nailing Hanley.
      With what happened, anyone would regret signing Bauer. But seriously, at the signing you called that he would be investigated for criminal behavior and put on leave for the year – correct? Bauer was signed for innings this year and, prior to his act, he was delivering exactly that. Friedman deliberately front loaded his contract for a short duration – this past season and next when there’s a fair chance of not playing or playing a short season because of the CBA. Of course the team hopes to get out of it entirely because of his actions but they won’t know until the end of the year.

  3. He’s earned it. As long as he doesn’t go to The Asterisks if he plays in Texas…

    1. Pretty sure it will be up to him. Again unless I’m mistaken about him I expect him to be back. He see’s something romantic about being a one uniform guy. Maybe I’m wrong WSS.

      1. He will want a whole lot of money and he is not as good as he used to be. I almost guarantee that he will be elsewhere. We should instead focus on resigning Scherzer and CT3. Maybe sign Noah Syndergaard and or Zack Davies too. Let’s face it. Kersh is near the end of his career. Of course I will miss him, but he is not the answer anymore.

        1. I certainly agree that it wouldn’t make sense to over-pay for him by any means. But pay him market value for a #4 starter that will make around 20 starts and not more. Just kind of where he is now and he’s not stupid he knows it.

  4. Keep Clayton just font over pay. Try to to keep Sneezed to. If he wants a chance at a ring it won’t viable with the Angels. Best chance I’d with the Dodgers.

    1. That’s for sure, and unless he was just blowing smoke about wanting to be Kersh’s teammate when he gets to 3,000 K’s, he will be back too. His agent certainly won’t make things easy and that is the main reason I think he ends up elsewhere.

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