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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Talks Gavin Lux and Future in LA

One of toughest parts of an offseason like the one the Dodgers have ahead of them this winter is not only seeing what could potentially be leaving but also figuring out what you’ve got for the next season. Along with several key contributors on the pitching staff now out on the market as free agents, so are a pair of lineup stalwarts in Corey Seager and Chris Taylor. Two players who, by all accounts, will secure the bag this offseason.

Where it gets tricky for the Dodgers is how much bag are you willing to spend when you could already have replacements in house? If Seager signs elsewhere — perhaps with the Yankees, as has been rumored — that allows Trea Turner to slide over from second base back to his natural position at shortstop. In turn, Gavin Lux could resume playing second base and the front office can hope that his late resurgence with the bat wasn’t a fluke.

Of course, that would be essentially the worst case scenario in that you really don’t just want to let a premier hitter like Corey Seager walk. But, ultimately, that’s not completely up to the Dodgers. And even as a worst case scenario, it’s really not that bad. Turner was an All-Star in 2021 as a shortstop after all. The concerning part is Lux full time without a safety net.

Over the last three years at the big league level, Gavin Lux has struggled to put his game together consistently. His career .682 OPS and 84 wRC+ are well below league average. However, a hot stretch where he hit .360 over the final month of the season showed the promise that came with the former consensus top-5 prospect in the game. Numbers he posted while increasing his positional versatility on defense.

Andrew Friedman, LA’s president of baseball operations, spoke about Lux last week at the GM meetings. The exec pointed to that end of season resurgence from Lux as something to be excited about.

“The quality of his bat was exactly what we think of when we think of Gavin Lux, and he carried it into the playoffs. For him to kind of take that momentum into next year, we expect him to be a part of what we do and then figure out exactly where.”

Of course, Friedman gets paid to be excited about his players. And, by all accounts, he left the second baseman’s future as open as possible… whether that be in LA or not.

As has been discussed by industry insiders, Lux’s late resurgence not only makes him a viable option for playing time in 2022 but also makes him a prime trade candidate in the right situation. The biggest need for the Dodgers this winter is starting pitching. And on that, Friedman has hinted more at potentially exploring the trade market over engaging in a bidding war for top arms on the free agent market.

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In essence, LA could put together a trade package centered around someone like Gavin Lux and potentially swing a deal with the Reds for Sonny Gray and Luis Castillo, as one insider suggested. At least that’s one example. In a situation like that, the team could then turn its attention to re-signing Corey Seager and still have the middle infield squared away with Trea Turner for at least one more season.

Despite not feeling like it, the Dodgers are in an enviable position this offseason. Fans will just once again have to allow Andrew Friedman time to work his magic.

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  1. Should we even be talking about Lux for somebody like Olsen when the two are not even close in value and our need is NOT first base? Maybe Lux in a deal for a reliable starting pitcher… The reality is if we give Lux another chance to prove he can hit consistently and he fails, his trade value will be minimized. He needs to be brought along more slowly or traded to a small market team where the pressure is much lower. I don’t it’s going to work out for him in L.A. because we keep throwing him into the water and telling him to sink or swim. Serious mis-management of young talent!!

    1. Unless Friedman has a miracle off season and re aligns a bench, Lux is a important player to keep. Especially if we lose CT3….If we keep Taylor, then I agree with you about Lux. The time to get value was last off season when he was worth much more.

      1. Kirk, but now we must re-sign Taylor AND keep Lux for this year because again, by 2023, both Seager and Trea will be gone perhaps. But maybe in the right deal that fills a need, wss.

  2. Gavin had a great run when he came backup at the end of the year. One thing to keep in mind about him is that he was a WAR leader for his fielding the first part of the year before he was sent down (and /or benched). He ended up with a positive WAR even with playing the outfield a bit the end of the year and learning on the fly (no pun intended). To me, he plugs in at 2nd base as a starter. He had a great approach at the plate the end of the year (.360 average). And we re-sign CT3. But keep the outfield training going. He can play 2nd and short well. He actually is a better fielder at short than Corey was. If CT3 ends up going elsewhere, it might be better to look for another utility player; but at the same time keep his training going in the outfield.

  3. Agree that he was hitting the ball well until he ran into the fence. Then in one of Drrrr’s many questionable moves was given the little opportunity in the playoffs. Think he will finally show his talent and if not at 2nd could be a better utility man than Taylor who struck out way too many times with a runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs.

  4. Lux’s position will depend on Dodger free agents Seager and Taylor. If both leave I can see Lux at second full-time. Lux showed good speed in the outfield he could be made into a very good outfielder and take over for Taylor as a Swiss Army Knife type player.
    Rumors are Seager will go to an East Coast Team and someone may give Taylor a crazy offer. The potential is there for them to lose both.
    If they lose both do they bring up one of the Rule 5 guys they brought to their 40 man roster like Outman?

  5. Olson?? Just what we need, another lefty bat. Chapman yes. Bryant yes. Castellanos yes. Friedman better be on his game this off season

      1. it will be anyway Paul. Now with the latest Trillion dollar debt raised, the season likely to be shortened due to strike, and when fans do return it will cost 1,000 to go to a game. Bring a wheel barrel full of money to see a ball game. That is, “If you’ve been injected”

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