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Dodgers: Andrew Heaney Is Not Ready For the Starting Rotation

The Dodgers started this offseason with plenty of questions about the starting rotation. There were concerns about the health of Clayton Kershaw along with the fact that he could have gone somewhere else in free agency. The looming uncertainty around Trevor Bauer also adds to that, especially with not knowing what the league will decide to do with him. 

But the addition of Kershaw on a one-year deal has not changed up the dynamic much. For the moment, Kershaw, Buehler, and Urias headline the top of the rotation. There are a few names under consideration for the 4th and 5th spot, but it’s unclear what direction the Dodgers will go. 

But one thing is for sure: it should not be Andrew Heaney. When the Dodgers signed him to an $8.5 million deal this offseason, the hope was that he could find his form and take over at the end of the rotation. But just a few games into Spring Training, and Heaney is giving them no hope that he can be relied on. 

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The southpaw got rocked for five earned runs over two innings in his first Spring Training start. He followed that up by getting tagged with five more runs today over three innings today against the White Sox. He’s missing his spots, his stuff isn’t there, and he just doesn’t look ready. 

Unfortuantely, Doc basically named Heaney to the rotation this afternoon following the blowout loss. That shouldn’t last long if this keeps up into the regular season.

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  1. And for hair-brained decisions like this the Dodgers gave Roberts three more years? Yippee!

  2. Pitching Heaney and playing Bellinger is just a terribly bad joke on Dodgers fans. But we have seen this for years where Friedbrain foolishly spends money on a broken pitcher and insists he plays no matter how bad he is. Also where Roberts the Clown plays his favorites and snubs those he dislikes.

    1. Like Beatty. Something was going on there. He certainky shouldn’t have been the first one dfa’d to clear a roster spot. Thay jusy showd how much Doc disliked him.

  3. But Mad Max went 6 innings for the Mets and looked in mid season form. Of course the Mets spent an insane amount of money to get him. Don’t think Max wanted to play with Dodgers (Roberts) anyways.

  4. Terrible signing – see his performance thus far this Spring and even worse decision by Dave Roberts to name him #4 starter in the rotation. Over 19.35 era?! Give me a break. This guy has never done anything in MLB.
    $8.5M? What a joke! Has done nothing to deserve that kind of money. On a pitching strapped team like the Yankees, he was DFA’d! Usually trust Friedman but this was just stupid like signing Bauer to that gargantuan contract and obviously not doing an extensive background check on his decision making and character.

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