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Dodgers: ‘Angry’ Max Scherzer is Ready for Cardinals, says Trea Turner

One would be hard-pressed to find a pitcher with more competitive fierceness than Dodgers starter Max Scherzer. Superstar infielder Trea Turner can attest to this as he has been teammates with Scherzer for two different teams, the Washington Nationals and now Los Angeles. 

He said he expects the eight-time All-Star to bring the same level of fiery edge to the mound in a win-or-go-home matchup against the St. Louis Cardinals on Wednesday. 

“He’s (Scherzer) already angry,” Turner said. “He’s gonna be the same guy, same intensity and just do what he does.” 

The 28-year old speed demon reiterated that Scherzer will apply the same approach on the bump regardless of the situation or circumstance. 

“He prepares better than anybody and he’s ready to pitch every single time he’s given the ball whether it’s game one or a postseason game,” Turner said. “So I think he’s gonna be the same guy.” 

Manager Dave Roberts also spoke about Scherzer’s ferocity in Sunday’s postgame presser, saying that the club feels very good about their ace taking the mound. He confirmed that if there’s anyone who knows exactly how “angry” Scherzer is, it would be his former teammate Turner.  

“We feel very good with Max taking the mound,” Roberts said. “And no one knows Max better than Trea so if he’s already angry, I guess that’s a good thing.” 

Scherzer finished the regular season with a 2.46 ERA, 15 wins, 236 K’s and a 0.86 WHIP.

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  1. Had a feeling that ‘check swing game’ would be a factor in the end. That needs to be addressed during the offseason along with the strike zone. In my view, it’s time to use technology for balls and strikes. Consider how many called strike three’s against us..#1 in the league with around 75! Umpires should not be dictating outcomes, players and managers should. All that said and we still had a great season. Teamwork is dreamwork! Let’s finish this Dodgers!

  2. Yes, John, many umps miss 30-40% of close balls and strike calls. Many people whine about the lack of offense in the last few seasons. There’s an easy way to fix this lack of offense. Use the electronic strike zone so that pitchers have to throw the ball over the plate to get a strike. The consistency will make for hitters getting more pitches to hit.

    1. I watch the superimposed strike zone box and umps do not miss 30-40%. They miss about 5-10% and some nights I only see a handful of pitches that I think were incorrect.

    2. To get a called strike, but many swinging strikes are not in the strike zone, as with Ohtani’s splitter.

  3. I think key to Cardinal game will be which Max Scherzer shows up Wednesday – in all his starts except the last two, Scherzer has been absolutely brilliant! but in last two starts he was hit hard – if Scherzer has figured out what went wrong in last two starts and makes the necessary adjustments, we should be in good shape Wednesday –

    1. As far as I’m concerned, the last two Scherzer starts are outliers and should be heavily discounted. One was at Coors Field where baseball shouldn’t even be played. The other against a Padres team still seething after almost having a perfect game tagged on them by Mad Max the previous meeting. Max will not disappoint on Wednesday. Enjoy the maestro at work for as long as we have him.

  4. I just can’t wait until the Dodgers smear the stuff in the Giant’s faces as they did in this year’s 1st match up in SF. The fans in SF are spoiled and they sure shut up fast when their team is behind. The Cardinal game will be an easy win…..the Dodgers are not going to go down as they have a few times before with these Cards. The game is at the very BLUE Dodger Stadium, NOT the capacity filled RED Busch Stadium. No worries here, Max will be the Max that he wants to be Wednesday, the Max we all like him to be!

  5. The Dodgers starters pitchers will be thin in the NLDS vs SF.Giants if the Dodgers can push the Cardinals out

    1. Who are you kidding? The Dodgers starters facing the Bay Area bombers will most likely be 1,3, and 4 in the Cy Young voting! Thin that!

  6. Dodgers, losers, 2nd place, Wainright will shot them out and SMEAR STUFF ALL OVER THE bums!!! faces!!!!

    1. Let’s see the Dodgers have scored 40 runs over their last 5 games and a 40 year old is going to shut them out? Hahahaha. Wainwright has zero Cy Young’s, Scherzer has 3! The likely ones to be shutout are the pesky Redbirds.

  7. Max Scherzer was 2~0 with an era of 0.00 and 22 strikeouts in two games against the Cardinals this year! go Dodgers!

    1. Tonight’s AL WC game is a preview of Wednesday’s NL WC game. Namely, Gerrit Cole knocked out after 2 2/3’s! Just like Wainwright will be Wednesday!

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