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Dodgers: Another Bullpen Game Slated for Wednesday in Miami

Once again, the Dodgers will be resorting to a bullpen game. The Dodgers find themselves one starter short with Trevor Bauer on administrative leave while MLB continues its investigation into sexual assault allegations.

On Monday, manager Dave Roberts revealed that Julio Urias’s next start is being pushed back from Wednesday to Thursday. Clayton Kershaw’s start is moving from Thursday to Friday. Meaning, Wednesday’s game in Miami will be a bullpen game.

Through Monday, the Dodgers bullpen has the sixth-best ERA (3.41) and the third-lowest home runs allowed per nine innings (0.77). The other big key to the bullpen’s success? Not being overworked. Dodgers relievers have logged just 279.2 IP, 24th in the majors.

Before the 2021 season began, the Dodgers had the deepest starting staff in baseball.

Kershaw, Buehler, and Bauer figured to anchor the rotation. Lefty Julio Urias had finally earned his spot as an everyday starter after a prolific playoff performance.

That left the flamethrower Dustin May, the promising Tony Gonsolin, and the veteran David Price fighting for the fifth rotation spot. Seemingly, Los Angeles had an embarrassment of riches when it came to their starting staff.

Fast forward to now. May is done for the season after undergoing Tommy John surgery. Bauer’s absence is indefinite. Both of those events have created a world where there’s a possibility of Price joining Gonsolin in the starting rotation.

Price has stated that he’s up to the task if called upon.

Final Thoughts

If he does slide into the rotation, Price most likely won’t be logging a quality start anytime soon. The 2012 AL Cy Young winner hasn’t pitched more than two innings in a game nor thrown more than 50 pitches this season.

That being said, the Dodgers haven’t committed to moving Price back to the rotation.

Get ready. July could be chock-full of bullpen games.

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Eric Eulau

Born and raised in Ventura, not "Ven-CH-ura", California. Favorite Dodger Stadium food is the old school chocolate malt with the wooden spoon. Host of the Dodgers Nation 3 Up, 3 Down Podcast.


  1. Knowing Gonsolin won’t go deep into his start, why would you plan to put the bullpen game the next day? Especially when you have other options?

  2. Dodgers are driving their bullpen into the ground with all of these bullpen games. Bring up Andre Jackson (already on the 40-man roster) to start tomorrow on his normal day to pitch.

    1. See that makes some sense, until you realize the Dodgers are VERY VERY specific on how they use their young pitchers. I mean it took Urias like 16 years to finally get a regular rotation spot, They are just very deliberate with how they use young arms… to the point that it’s annoying.

      1. this would be nothing more than a spot start with Jackson returning to Tulsa the next day. Not even a “tryout” — spot start only. They have done this many times in the past.

    2. Exactly, SoCalBum. IMHO these BP games will catch up to Roberts and Dodgers in August. I don’t see much of any October run this year as a result. Ned Colletty said it long before that if your team doesn’t have enough starting pitching, the team might as well go home.

    3. The bullpen is far from being overworked. The Dodgers have one reliever in the top 50 in MLB in appearances (Gonzalez ranks 45th) and none in the top 50 in innings pitched. The Dodgers bullpen as a whole ranks 24th in innings pitched.

      1. Jerry, these BP games will eventually. run the relievers to the ground as SoCal says, even though as of the moment none have been over used. Point is time will catch up to this BP should these BP games continue through the next month or so.

  3. July 6th and they really have made no attempt to build up Price to be a starter. One way to build him up is to start him and let him go as long as he is effective. This many bullpen games will eventually be a disaster.

    1. I agree and this disaster will be on Roberts most of all and Freidman if nothing is done to obtain more starting pitching. I honestly can see this team missing the PS altogether as a result because no team plays in October without enough starting pitching and it would serve Roberts right for not at least giving Price an opportunity to fill in, especially since he’s been a starter his whole career.

  4. You guys act surprised about Roberts wearing out the bullpen. He has no clue how to manage a pitching staff. Roberts brings nothing to the table to help the Dodgers. His decision making & lack of foresight lead to way more losses than they do wins. I mean you sat Muncy, Betts, & Bellinger yesterday. I mean you PH for McKinstry who is Batting .252 with Bellinger who is Batting .189. Roberts is a smart guy. Problem is He is the only one saying that

  5. Take a good look at our starting pitchers. Unbelievable. No team in baseball comes close to these guys. I did vote for these guys to the all stars. The dodgers don’t have to prove anything. Very talented team second to none. Rest up guys. One thing I like is the Home Run derby. I think the 2019 season paid out a million bucks. That is darn good money. Sign um up

  6. You guys are all wrong!! Which team leads MLB with the fewest innings pitched by its bullpen?? Dodgers!! So they do know what they are doing, and will do whatever is necessary to win a ball game a day, get thru the Bauer situation and if necessary make a deal with another starter before the trade deadline. There’s a reason they are not going to Price to be the 5th starter. I’m fine with that, as long as they keep winning.

    1. Joe, the only thing here is that Dodgers can’t possibly have these BP games every 5th day for too much more of an extended period. The relievers will wear down later in the year as a result. A trade for a starter or 2 at the deadline is probably a better way to go.

  7. He puts out a pathetic lineup. Could have been in first place today. Put the pedal to the metal and show no mercy! Every game is important!

  8. Indeed Roberts is “clueless,” but ownership is also in denial. I can hear Kasten say/half shout as he normally talks: “Dodger stadium is BACK to FULL capacity. The FANS ARE back!! WE just WON a WORLD SERIES!! Who cares about extra bats, DR, has gone through so much THIS year with injuries and player on the IL. WE give up on this YEAR and will go for the next one.”

  9. Regardless of BP or SP concerns, the pitching staff have to be cognizant of the run game by the oppositions. No one has mention anything on it, but it is a very concerning that they cannot control that part of the game. It is not all the catcher’s fault, but the pitchers cannot be lazy and not aware of what’s happening. Every additional 90 ft. puts more stress on him and the defense. The league sees the book on them and running crazy on them which is quite frankly embarrassing. Change the timing on sets, slide step, improve the throw overs, have timed pick-offs, even just step offs and double looks; work on it and don’t be lazy. Giving away too many unnecessary runs.

  10. Should have resigned Alex Wood for an extension…..and Bullpen dates would be minimal!
    Get a experienced” starter(s) to replace Trevor ( until when and if he ever returns).

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