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Dodgers Are Not Worried About AJ Pollock’s Hamstring…Yet

The Dodgers 2021 season can be summed up essentially by bad health. There are a number of other factors that have gone into a bad start, but health is a big reason why the team has had to piece together lineups. 

On Friday night, Dodgers fans almost lost one of their most productive bats. AJ Pollock came up limping on a ball that he chased down and appeared to be seriously hurt. He was removed from the game and replaced in left field by Gavin Lux. 

After the game, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said that Pollock sustained a grade 1 hamstring strain. That would be the least severe level of a hamstring strain which is the best-case scenario. Doc also said that the immediate plan is not to put him on the injured list. 

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Instead, the Dodgers will wait until tomorrow to see how Pollock feels. They plan on having an extra position player with them at Angel Stadium in case his status has to be downgraded. In that case, he would be placed on the injured list. 

DJ Peters is a good candidate to replace him should Pollock’s status change. But the hope is that he can stay off of the IL and remain with the team. With so many starters unavailable as it is, the team would obviously like to have him available. 

If he has to miss a few games, Matt Beaty will likely see more starts in the outfield. Beaty has been one of the better hitters over the rough stretch of losses, but Roberts has had a hard time getting him into the lineup.

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  1. They weren’t about bellinger either at first. Starting to get out of control with injuries and although I’m no doctor, injuries that happen to guys that didn’t come to camp ready. Fan for 60 years and starting to worry a little

    1. Perhaps yet another mis diagnosis by Roberts and that so called medical staff and so once again they’ll wait around 3 or 4 days only then realizing Pollock should be put on IL. I honestly, after seeing last night’s yet another pitiful perfsnce by this team that they can or will ever turn things around for quite some time. Leave to Roberts and his short bench to have to give up the DH later in the game because he spent Beaty all because of a LHP on the mound so he brings in Neuse to PH for him. What a disgrace! This team hasn’t been this bad since that streak of losing 16 of 17 games late in 2017.

  2. Roberts has no feel for the game. Taking Beatty out to put “Sheldon” in is just plain stupid. When has anyone named “Sheldon” been any good at baseball? Name one, please?

    1. Jerry, it’s this obsession Roberts has with lefty/righty match ups. The end result is having to see a pitcher bat in an AL park because of poor decision making and playing with a short bench. This continues to bite them in the rear but nothing evidently will change this I suppose.

    2. Especially coming in to PH and flailing @ a breaking ball 3 ft. away , his bat 2 ft. above the ball and eventually KOing! What a waste and embarrassment. DJ Peters? Calling up the same type player. Bad hitting philosophy by coaches. Too much guessing and missing the good middle-middle pitches.

      1. DJ Peters has 5 AB’s so far and has struck out in 4 of them. He probably starts on Sunday against the lefty Quintana. Here’s the question:
        If he gets 4 AB’s how many of those end with a K?

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