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Dodgers: Astros’ Carlos Correa Claps Back at Cody Bellinger’s Comments

Recently Cody Bellinger commented with conviction about the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal. Now the first Astros player has a response to Bellinger’s comments, and there is a lot here. Let’s dive into it.

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic MLB leads off Saturday morning with passionate, defensive comments from Carlos Correa. Within them, he responds to Cody Bellinger’s remarks, and has a biting take on everything in general.

It seems like Correa is only willing to admit to cheating in 2017, if you take his comments to Rosenthal on paper for what they are.

“Well, usually I don’t have problems when people talk about 2017 and about what happened that year because honestly we were wrong. Everything that happened that year was absolutely wrong and we obviously show remorse for that because we really feel bad about everything that happened in 2017.”

Now what is Correa talking about here? How would anyone know the facts when Astros players have stuck to the script for most of the off-season? Unless I am missing it, players just recently started discussing the topic openly. Remember – baseball silenced teams and players – and that has served to put a proverbial lid on it. However, Correa acts as if the topic is one he allows at every gathering.

Notably, he has an issue with what Cody Bellinger said.

“The problem I have is when players go out there and they don’t know the facts, they’re not informed about the situation and they just go out there and go on camera and just talk. With me, that doesn’t seem right. It doesn’t seem right at all. So when he (Bellinger) talks about that we cheated for three years he either doesn’t know how to read, is really bad at reading comprehension, or is just not informed at all. The commissioner’s report clearly says that all those activities were conducted in 2017. 2018 nothing happened. 2019 nothing happened. It was just talented players, playing the game of baseball with passion and winning ballgames.”

That’s not all, he says Bellinger doesn’t know the facts. Therefore, if you’re keeping score at home, Bellinger doesn’t know the facts nor how to read according to Correa.

“He says, “José Altuve cheated Judge out of the MVP.” Cody, you don’t know the facts. Nobody wants to talk about this but I’m going to talk about this. José Altuve was the one guy that didn’t use the trash can.”

By all means, Altuve was the only non-cheater. Correa can’t be serious here, can he? Does this mean that Alex Bregman banged the trashcan? I don’t even know where to leave this, there are so many angles I could take. Correa needs to stop talking about it, he’s digging a deeper hole. Anyone who read the report knows the facts, and why wouldn’t Bellinger have read MLB’s report? After all, it cost him a World Series ring.

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      1. When someone is a proven liar and cheater like Correa, why would you listen to anything they have to say? Do you expect the liar to suddenly be honest? Liars lie. It’s what they do. I’ll listen to anyone not proven to be a liar. They may have something to say that’s true. But it doesn’t matter what a liar says. I’ll listen to Bellinger, Kershaw, and the rest of the Dodgers and other MLBers robbed by the Astros. But the entire Astro organization, including Crane has zero credibility. There’s no reason to respond to what Correa says here. It doesn’t matter what he says.

        1. Yet you don’t apply that to Trump a proven liar. It’s amazing the trance he’s put you all in

        2. Your argument has no credibility because you completely ignore the results of the MLB investigation. Below you talk about continued cheating. There is no evidence of buzzers used; photos that made the claim were debunked with closer photos. There is no evidence of wrong doing after 2017, when both the bench coach and Beltran were gone. “Immunity for cheating players virtually ensures future cheating.” Right… because the owner doesn’t mind lost draft picks and world-wide blow back. And 50 game to season-long player suspensions have stopped PED use too, right?

          Dodgers lost due to bad pitching, low run production, and bad management decisions. Similar to the way the Astros just lost a World Series.

        3. 106, now Harry and the Derangement have Trump causing the Astros to cheat….. Absolutely priceless…

          1. Yeah Kirk I totally said the president caused them to cheat. Way to show your lack of reading comprehension. Perhaps Correa should be saying that to you instead of Belli

      2. He’s right……….they didn’t use a trash can in 2019…………they used a buzzer. Gotta love how technology moves right along. I’d like to stick my fist in Correa’s mouth.

  1. Even if Altuve didn’t get the signs (doubtful) he directly benefited from the lineup around him cheating. He got better pitches to hit because he had more protection. Maybe if he pulled his head out of Beltran’s ass… Correa would learn how baseball works.

  2. Altuve had a buzzer! We will see how good the assholes are this year! Bellinger speaks the truth!

  3. You are saying that Altuve just waited outside of the bank to watch if the police came or not. And he just ate dinner with the money they stole. And so he is not a member of the gangster.

    1. There are four reasons I want Bellinger, Kershaw and others to talk about the Astros cheating:

      It’s true, they cheated. And the truth needs to be known.

      I believe the Astros are still cheating, but changing methods to avoid detection, like going from trash cans to buzzers. Manfred’s blanket immunity for cheating players virtually ensures future cheating. If there are no penalties for cheating, people will cheat. Manfred still needs to wake up.

      Manfred’s gag order was wrong. Cover-ups for wrongdoing add to the wrongdoing. This will also encourage future cheating. I want people to speak up and defy Manfred’s illegitimate gag order.

      I want the Dodgers to be POed about this. I want them to play with a chip on their shoulder and some attitude this year. Maybe that will lead to a title this year. I don’t believe in karma, luck, or Santa Claus. I believe in full commitment to winning (within the rules) and knowing it’s yours before you even do it. Sun Tzu was probably right. Every battle is won before it’s actually fought. Not because of fictional fate, but because you know you’re going to win. Go Dodgers!

      1. lol so tell me how in your above post you can clearly apply that logic to Correa but you can’t with Trump. Or maybe you just don’t care which makes you just like an Astros fan. Trump owns you just like he owns Tough guy Ted Cruz who said “DONald you picked the wrong fight when you attacked my wife” now look at him he gets on his knees for Donald. He can lie to your face daily and work against his voters own interests and they happily take it like the good rubes you are

          1. How the hell do these people function 106? Trump can’t go 5 minutes without one of these progressives dragging him into their dayly fake news world!!! This is a site for the Dodgers right? I think…….

          2. Nothing to come back with just the typical troll response Trump the twitter clown has you trained well

        1. Trump dodged the draft with his “bone spurs”, had EIGHT bankruptcies, is a habitual liar, a name caller who should be making fun of his two oldest sons who look and act like inbreds and who marries every tramp he sleeps. I’m a Republican and will not vote this year because of that scumbag. “Anybody but Covfefe Trump in 2020”.

          1. Finally someone here who’s real. I don’t care if someone is republican or Democrat but at least be real and non biased

  4. You are saying that Altuve just waited outside of the bank to watch if the police came or not. And he just ate dinner with the money they stole. And so he is not a member of the gangster. You just sying Altuve was the leader of that criminal. Just say apologies what you guys did for baseball.

  5. I just watched the video of the Correa interview. He was very passionate in his comments but it all comes down to whether one believes him or not. He also seemed to conflate the 2017 and 2018 season in which they were found guilty of different things (trash can banging in ’17 and electronic sign stealing in ’18). I’m sure some of what he said is true but here is what we do know; they developed this scheme, at least some of the players used the illegal sign stealing system and they won the WS. Plain as that.

    Some players, at least through their comments, say it didn’t help them win but during the interview Correa even said if he knew what was coming it would be a huge advantage so does a huge advantage equal win(s)? I think it does and I think they cheated. As I wrote in an earlier post; “if the players are really sorry and remorseful, they would volunteer to return the difference ($179,179.00) of what they received over what the Dodgers received for “losing” the WS. And I mean return the money; If they were allowed to donate the amount, instead of returning it to the league, they would benefit from the donation on their taxes. This has to hurt them as much a possible. Besides damaging the integrity of the sport, they have to realize that what they did effected people’s careers and the only way to do that is give it all back.”

  6. “José Altuve was the one guy that didn’t use the trash can.” My conclusion is that Altuve used the buzzer exclusively then. Am I stretching too far?

  7. no one believes a liar and cheater-oh c’mon cody-we just cheated in 2017 not in 2018 or 2019 we just cheated in 2017-get lost you liar-jb

  8. I just saw on MLB Network that Correa was saying that Bellinger doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The MLB Network guys were saying there is a “disconnect” with these guys. These Astros, they say they are sorry, but why should I or anybody out there believe what they say. They will “reap what they sowe.” Dusty Baker(Astros manager) says that MLB should punish any pitcher that intentionally throws at Astros batters. Baker you and your players are Clueless!! “Reap what you sowe!”

  9. Ralph, this needs to be talked about. It is a stain that needs to be cleaned and you can’t clean it without addressing it. It has its own course to run. All information needs to come out and I’m sure it’s not all out yet. All opposing players have a right to voice their opinion especially since they’re all victims of the Astros cheating. MLB needs a much stronger stance on this.

  10. That’s convenient there Carlos the guy Cody called out specifically just so happened to be one of the guys that didn’t participate. Sure.

  11. Bellinger should shut up. He set a strikeout record in the 2017 series. If he had hit worth a damn, the Dodgers probably win despite the Astros cheating.

    1. Dodgers may not have been there without him. If A-Gon hangs onto first base job all year 2017, Cubs probably go back

  12. Good for you Cody “Boom” Bellinger (35) For speaking the truth about the Cheating Astro’s The truth hurts! The 2017 World Series is forever Tainted *** Nobody Won**** We all lost from MLB and fans the Integrity of the best sport in the world. All because of Rob Manfred the commissioner Failed to do his job he should have stripped the 2017 World Series title and taken away the trophy and rings from them because he didn’t do the right thing the players got away Scot-Free from cheating and that’s the problem he sent message it’s ok to cheat. Shame on you Rob Manfred you are disgrace to MLB and all of sports.

    Even though there was no justice served to the LA Dodgers by the commissioner Rob Manfred they will Win it All the Right Way! “We Are LA Strong”

  13. Folks Carlos Correa and all the Astros are or should be known to all of us AS SINNERS! THEY LIED, CHEATED, and ignored one of God’s 10 Commandments…’Thou shalt not steal’! Correa does not know nor does his cheating teammates know that eventually they will come into judgement. Correa needs to keep his mouth shut.

  14. There is an unbelievable disconnect. (MLB found that) the Astros cheated throughout the 2017 regular and post season. Apparently, the Astros are not understanding the consequences OF their actions (cheating.) And perhaps, this is because there was no consequences FOR their actions (cheating). Now it does take some critical thinking skills, but common sense should enable the Astros to get there. The Astros cheated throughout the 2017 regular and post season (connect) AND the Astros “won” the 2017 World Series. It would seem that the Astros are really in no position to act indignant or self-righteous about perceptions regarding the scope of their cheating. In fact, they may even want to refrain from challenging the intellect of other players in the league who did not resort to trash can banging.

  15. Correa is a big lying SOB,If they really felt bad about it,they would have returned the trophy and rings,and we all saw altuve telling his teammates don’t tear my jersey cause they will see the buzzard..Pitchers need to throw at their hands and break them or knees to finish their careers since corrupted Manfred didn’t suspend them

  16. Let’s assume Carlos Correa is right and Jose Altuve didn’t cheat and deserves his MVP award. Why is he not talking about how he cheated and let his manager and go take the fall. If he was any kind of man he should come out and say he should have been suspended a year and not the GM and manager.

  17. Absolutely NO…ZERO…NADA…respect for Correa!! What an arrogant POS and total liar he is. MLB needs to reopen this case and heavily penalize the players who robbed honest opponents of accolades, spirit and personal success. If MLB can’t reopen then those players need to be barred from the hall of fame!! Apologies are BS!! They did it for three years before getting caught and they would still be doing it had they not been caught. I don’t believe anything those players say anymore!! And Correa’s excuse for Altuve not wanting his shirt ripped off…”he was hiding a bad tatoo”….give me a friggin break!!

  18. Grow up Correa! Belly spoke the truth about your team’s cheating in 2017, 2016 and 2019. The Commish gave you and your teamates a permit to be in denial of any wrongdoing even in your so-called apologies. Your Owner is still in denial that you did not win the 2017 World Championship by CHEATING!! He need to put his big boy pants on and admit the truth. The Commish gave you all an
    escape from the reality of the damage you did to our MLB Code when he gave you IMMUNITY!!! For that he needs to accept his failure to protect the future of the sanctity of MLB and RESIGN!! What a shame your team has brought to Our National Pastime!

  19. They cheated and show no remorse. They also lack any sort of class or admission of guilt. Hunting season begins for them on opening day.

  20. The very best thing to get back at the Astros is just don’t go to any Houston Astro games. When the owner
    finds out that we don’t like seeing cheaters he will get it. By going out to boo the Astros will just put more money in the owner’s pocket, and he will just smile all the way to the bank. If the commissioner can’t handle the situation then we as fans need to sep up to the fact that we can’t let players and owners prosper.
    Most importantly when other teams need to throw a baseball at players and someone gets hurt and gets arrested only because the commissioner did not act appropriately. The commissioner then agrees he did not act appropriately. We need him to step down now

  21. Correa says M anfredi cleared Astros of wrong doing in 2018 & 19? The Astros weren’t sorry,, just sorry they got caught. M anfredi has proved he doesn’t know how t o govern & punish cheaters. He is as bad as cheaters. Crore hasput his foot I his mouth before. He is a joke.

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