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Dodgers Avoid Sweep with Matt Beaty, Corey Seager and Kenta Maeda Stepping Up

After being shut out by the Giants last night, the Dodgers avoided the sweep to their rivals with help from Matt Beaty, Corey Seager and Kenta Maeda today.

“It was finally nice to play a clean game of baseball.” – Corey Seager to Alanna Rizzo

Julio Urías started the game, but got in trouble in the first with the Giants putting men at the corners, but was able to get out with no damage. Kenta was brought in early to relive and proceeded to give up only one hit to Buster Posey over 4 innings while giving up no walks and striking out 6 Giants.

Matt Beaty came up in the bottom of the 4th with Cody Bellinger and launched a 430 foot shot to the right field seats.

Corey Seager came in later and hit one of his own to dead center at 392 feet.

“he [Rodriguez] was beating me up all day with changeups. It was nice to finally hit one.” – Corey Seager to Alanna Rizzo

The Dodgers sent out Sadler, Yimi, Kolarek and Sborz to close out the last 3 innings of the game.

With the win and a Diamondbacks loss today, the Dodgers magic number is now at 2.

Next up are the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday.

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  1. How is Matt Beaty’s last name pronounced, Beaty as in Warren Beatty or is it Beat-e? This guy Needs to be on the Dodgers post-season roster either as a starter or bench-player!

  2. Which happens first. The post-season…or Robin Mosqueda getting laid? My money in on each post-season for the next 10 years.

  3. Robin and various other posters do nothing but complain about a wonderful Dodger team that has a realistic shot at setting a single-season, franchise record for victories. The team is having a thrilling season, yet these people refuse to enjoy it. Plus, they continually post negative thoughts in an effort to bring other fans down to their level. We are in the midst of the best era of baseball in franchise history. A throroughly likeable bunch of guys from the front office to the manager and coaches to every player on the team. If a person can’t enjoy this Dodger team, then they can’t enjoy Dodger baseball. Think about it.

    And no, it is not all about the post-season. It is about an organization and its players busting it each day in an effort to put the best possible product on the field. So much hard work has gone into making this a season to enjoy. Yet people like Robin prefer bashing the people who have put in that hard work. Pitiful and insulting to the people who have put in that work.

    1. Not sure what Robin has said, but I have been a Dodgers fan since 1966 and I will complain whenever it is necessary (even if no one in the organization notices). Simply put, fans are allowed to vent when their team isn’t playing well and should call out the FO and the coaching staff for making stupid decisions when they occur. We don’t have to resort to personal character assassinations, but we can and should criticize the behavior and judgement of those whom we are unhappy with.
      This team has not won a WS in 31 years and that is a HUGE deal. You don’t play the game to come in second, third, or worse. These are NOT little-leaguers out there who are trying to learn good sportsmanship and giving honest effort. These are grown-ass men who are paid a lot of money to perform. This is the second largest market in America and the team is flush with revenues, largely from fans.The fans do pay their salary because without the fan support, this might as well be professional Frisbee Golf…how much do you think they make? Not much huh since people don’t support that. No fans means no TV revenues, no merchandise sales, etc. Stuff like whiffing on Verlander who wanted to play in LA has cost us a WS win in 2017 (along with many of the dumb moves Roberts has made). Having a closer, well past his prime, hemorrhage runs at an alarming rate is also going to get called out, especially when the stubborn manager keeps trotting him out there. Again, I haven’t read Robin’s posts, but yours needed a response.


      1. Dave, couldn’t have said it better myself. Exact sentiments, and well warranted. We’re not here to play ” Everyone get’s a Trophy”…. Another point is just as the headline today states “It’s good the Braves are pushing the Dodgers”.It’s also good we Dodgers fans PUSH FRIEDMAN and Roberts, and expect a return for our Huge financial investment over all of this time…

        1. Friedman and Roberts are the best FO/field manager combo in franchise history. Meanwhile, this team is moving along at a record-setting pace. I know, I know. Robets has brown-skin and you resent such a person being in charge.

          1. This isn’t the best era until they bring home the World Series trophy we aren’t happy with regular season records people play the game to win it all and fans put their hearts and souls into the team for a chance to witness a world series winner. Regular season dominance means nothing there’s lots of bad teams to feast on during the marathon of the season. Beating the best in a 5 or 7 game series showdown is what it’s all about and what puts you above everyone. Friedman’s strategy’s work over the long haul but not so much in a series against the best the AL has to offer. Roberts is just a puppet he’s here to use his personality to get the players on board with the lunacy and keep egos in check while helping to create a positive clubhouse atmosphere. As far as your race comment goes that’s completely false you didn’t see Mattingly get praised around here.

      2. DodgerDave

        I’ve been a fan for as long as I can recall. My whole family were “Bums” fans from the Brooklyn era and continued that when the team came west. I grew up with the great Dodger teams of the 60’s and 70’s where winning it all was the standard goal each year.

        I agree entirely with your take on the relationship between the fans and the team. There’s two situations (at least) where you are allowed to complain. One is in the Army (Infantry) and the other is as a sports fan.

        So, yes it is great to see them having a good season, but it is also troubling to see the very real potential that this year could have the team exiting from the playoffs early due to a combination of the FO (sabre-psychotic addiction syndrome), the manager and certain players lack of ability.

        In the immortal words of Roy Hobbs, “Let’s play ball.”

        1. It is harder to win now than in the ’60s. More teams, multiple tiers of playoffs. The players are better, too. The good old days of baseball weren’t so great. The fact that you knock improved information in the modern era and better communication between the FO and field manager suggests you don’t understand what you are watching.

          1. While that’s true about it being harder nowadays to win it all there’s still no excuse for never bringing it home when so many other teams have atleast once in the last 30 years some have multiple. I’ll give em a pass for not having a dynasty but no pass for not being able to bring one single title home all these decades. Even The marlins have twice FFS

  4. I agree Beaty has earned his spot on the Post Season roster. He always has a good At bat making contact. The play he made at first saving a run on Kersaw’s night was the best play I’ve seen all year from a 1st basemen, believe it was Longoria who hit it. Beaty is a gamer. Maeda today looked like a burden had been lifted and really threw well. Seager was due to connect and did. Hopefully the Dodgers will clinch this week.

      1. If I recall, on Tuesday when Dodgers play the Orioles, they will face a LHP and that means that Joc and his 32 HR’s will be on the bench. It continues to amaze me how they have to ‘shuffle’ the lineup around whenever a LHP goes against them. I still see possible issues against the better LHP in the league and especially in the PS but wss. Bellinger has 17 HR’s against LHP alone but yet teams will bring in a lefty to face him in key situations later in the game. It’s simply teams going with those %. But there will be several MLB players who won’t have 17 HR’s for the entire year, so there’s that

  5. My prediction that I hope does not come to fruition….
    Dodgers beat the WC team.
    Lose to the Braves.
    Astros take the WS from the Braves.
    Dodgers acquire three relievers in their mid-30’s, just off of TJ surgery in the off-season.
    I go to Spring Training and have a great time, as I always do. (This part I like).

    I hope for a good 2020 season.
    P.S. I need some recommendations for some good Italian in Phoenix for 2020 S.T.

    1. And that right there is how this greedy ownership continues to rake in the dough without delivering what we all want. When another bitter winter turns to spring everyone flocks to the ballgames and continues giving them money so they can pocket most of it and put cheap division winners forever so they can get that postseason money from the hopeless optimistics

  6. I think one thing we’ve seen is that Lux isn’t yet ready for the majors and shouldn’t be on the post season roster. It’s a small sample granted, but AAA pitching is a far cry from the majors. I was hoping for a Bo Bichette-like debut but that hasn’t happened. I say load up the post season roster on pitching as we have more than enough offense. Even though the bats have struggled here and there lately, there’s plenty of time to get that straightened out by October.

    1. Agreed. Lux needs more time in the minors although it is good that he is getting a look at the bigs. Ferguson has looked pretty good as of late, maybe he should be added. Still not sure why they got Gyorko…

      1. Dave and Don, Lux and May are both our future. It’s hard to tell if any of these guys will ever amount to much as we all have seen guys that were highly touted fizzle, and others do great like Muncy. Personally I am selfish and wanted to see the Dodgers win the world series this year after a 31 year drought. May would have been a great trade chip for Vasquez , but oh well, spilled milk. Always rooting for the Dodgers but after we did nothing and the Astros added Greinke to a already excellent staff, the Braves Green and Kuechel, I understand being a realist is not a naysayer, and don’t set my expectations high like I did the last 2 years.

        1. Kirk:

          Your post reminds me of a long ago quote from Alex Karras (Def. Tackle Detroit Lyons) to the teams QB Milt Plum. The Lyon’s defense was ferocious and their offense pathetic. In one game after the defense had held the other team from getting a first down, as Karras, trotting off the field passed Plum who was trotting onto the field and leading the offense, Karras (who had a notorious sharp sense of humor) said, “See if you can hold them.”

          Now that’s lowering expectations.

      2. I mentioned similar about a week or so ago that MLB is far more advanced as far as pitching goes. But remember too that since Dodgers have been finishing on top of the division for several years now that those draft picks are not among the highest either. That being said, there are only 25 roster spots for the PS so Lux most likely would not make it if for no other reason than a numbers crunch and Muncy should be back soon anyway.

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