Dodgers: Baseball is Officially Back With Deal in Place

Dodgers fans, I have been waiting for months to bring you this news. It brings me so much joy to tell you that baseball is officially back. 

MLB and the Player’s Union officially came together on a deal on the health aspect of playing, and the players are starting to return to their camps. July 1st is the official report date for players to start to return, the Dodgers included. 

Details of the season are still coming together, but here is what we know so far. 

  • 60 game seasons scheduled to begin on July 24th
  • The league’s transactions freeze will end Friday at noon ET
  • Teams must submit their 60-player pool by 3 ET on Sunday
  • Players have to be added to the big league roster by Sept. 15 to be eligible for the postseason.
  • 30-man rosters to start the season.
  • 30-man total will shrink to 28 on the 15th day of the season. It will go down to 26 on Day 29
  • The trade deadline is moving to August 31st this year
  • A runner starting on second base in extra innings
  • Both pitchers and position players would likely have a 10-day injured list

There are still plenty of details that will trickle out over the next few days, but the Dodgers’ schedule is apparently already set, along with every other team. It’s unclear how that schedule will change from where it would have picked up on the 24th. 


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  1. I’ll watch because it’s baseball but in no way does any of this count in most people’s eyes. Whoever wins the whole thing will have asterisk almost as big as Houston’s

  2. I think it’s great that MLB has stepped forward to give its fans something normal and a reason to get excited again. Good for you. Looking forward to the season , however long it is. Go Dodgers!

  3. Why is the writer so excited? There’s nothing to be excited about. 60 games? Before the “season“ starts, will be a flood of injuries, because the players will try to push real hard during their spring training, 2.0. All the stats, honors will be meaningless. I’ve followed baseball and the Dodgers over 70 years, but I can’t bare to watch any of the games. Whoever wins the WS, will have a gigantic asterisk. Though I love the Dodgers, I hope it’s not them. And can you imagine a world series parade for the winning city? Really?

  4. What happens to people that had OD tickets? The Dodgers have said NOTHING…what the heck??

    1. Fans likely will not be allowed at any games this year. The clubs are offering a 10% bonus credit to fans that had tickets from March, April, and May. You can also call and request a refund. More info at

  5. Baseball is FINALLY back and we could not be more excited to say the least..How long as devoted baseball fans that we have been waiting for this day!! Just wish that we could attend the games that will be played at Dodger Stadium and how very sad is that to say..I am a huge Dodger Fan and I always will be!! Play ball and Lets Go Dodgers!!

  6. I wish that the whole season would have been cancelled. 60 games does not make a season. The Dodgers spent millions to trade for Betts. And, now they have him for a 60 day season. I am not happy. And, the lame rules for extra innings. This is not baseball.

  7. What an embarrassment ! A 60 game season? It takes a lot of teams 30 games to settle into a starting lineup, or a rotation Should have shut down and waited til next year. Are these owners/players that desperate for the Almighty Dollar?
    What are the guys playing for? A 60 game trophy, or their paycheck? Better to continue watching old baseball games on You Tube. Without the pandemic and closure of baseball season earlier, I wouldn’t have reached that far to see some really great games online.

  8. The extra inning rule with a runner starting on 2nd base is ludicrous. Why not just have ties, with 2 points for a win and one point for a tie. It’s been done in other sports successfully.

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