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Dodgers: Bay Area Radio Personalities Refuse to Attend LA-Giants Games This Year

The Dodgers-Giants rivalry is one of the best in sports. It’s decades long and even spans both coasts. Despite a rich history between the two clubs, last year was the first time the two teams met in the playoffs. It was a gift to baseball fans, or a curse depending on your perspective, all thanks to playoff expansion. 

In the regular season, the Giants won 107 games and captured the NL West title. It was the first time since 2012 that the Dodgers didn’t win the division. LA got the last laugh by beating San Francisco in NLDS in a five game nail-bitter of a series. 

The rivalry was so tense last year that Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area and KNBR radio admitted that he’s not attending any Dodgers-Giants games this season during a recent segment on KNBR

“I hate the Dodgers so much I can’t even stand to watch them.”

KNBR’s Brian Murphy whole-heartily agreed with the approach.

“This year, for the first time, I specifically avoided Dodger games. After last year, it’s too stressful, I’m filled with too much loathing, I don’t like how I am at those games. I hate it. I did the same thing – I took no Dodger games.”

Maiocco talked about how he’ll attend less stressful games against opponents that aren’t the Dodgers.

“I would much rather watch the Giants play the Reds and have a fun time. Have a beer and enjoy it. If they lose, I go home and I move onto the next day.”

The games are tense, but one of the best rivalries in sports is best enjoyed in person. Even if it heavily affects one’s blood pressure.

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  1. Is this guy insane! Dodgers vs Giants is the rivalry in baseball. I have to say even better than than the cross town match of Chicago Cubs vs Chicago White Soxs. He sounds ridiculous

  2. Count my home as one that doesn’t care if the Bay Area “radio personalities” don’t attend games. Their negativity and ignorance is what we expect from NoCal fools. While we enjoy the games without their presence stinking up the ballparks, let the announcers go to Safeway to buy some cheese to go with their whine!!!!

    1. For a person to allow themselves to feel hate over entertainment is absolutely ridiculous.

      If this guy thinks athletes and people that live in a different market are his “enemies” lol, wow, what kind of emotions does he feel over differences that actually matter?

      Sportstardism, it’s a disease, not an addiction.

  3. Whaaaaaaaaaaaa. I guess we really rocked their world. I certainly would not have admitted it and given the Dodger fans the satisfaction.

  4. It is pretty sad that they can’t control themselves. Whether they be Giant fans, Dodger fans or any other team it shows a great immaturity that it affects them so deeply. Yes — I hate losing to the Giants — that feeling lasts about 15 minutes. Get a life guys!!

  5. Understandable. It’s gotta be painful to chant “Beal L.A.” for three hours then lose.

  6. I watch the Dodgers for three innings for free through the right-field fence, public-viewing area.

  7. Gee whiz. What a terrible blow to Dodger fans. These little small-minded “radio personalities” won’t be attending any Dodger-Giant games? My goodness, I hope the powers that be don’t find out about this – they might cancel the games. How can we possible enjoy the best rivalry in baseball without these guys in attendance?

  8. I can’t stand the Giants. Even in my youth I wanted to punch Jack Clark in the melon. But that is what makes the rivalry a rivalry. I am glad you will not be attending. That leaves an open seat for a potential Dodger fan. Go Dodgers!!!

  9. Ha, the reason these “radio personalities” won’t watch the Dodgers vs. Giants is they have that insecurity of the Dodgers possibly / likely beating the Giants, and they can’t stomach that. They can watch other teams play the Giants, and if the Giants lose, oh well, its okay. They hate the Dodgers being successful just about as much as the Giants losing.

    That’s called envy, brought on, IMO, by years of either not making the playoffs or advancing beyond the NLDS (2015-2021, they were in the NLDS twice, lost 3-1, and 3-2, last beaten by Dodgers). These jokers know the Giants played out of their minds last year, did well, but lost to LA (in Oracle Park!!) so they are now gun-shy about watching the Dodgers play the Giants this year. I know Zaidi will field a competitive team but they are still a couple of years away IMO. Dodgers, pretty strong this year but pitching will be the indicator of where we end up.

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