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Dodgers: Below Average Astros Outfielder Josh Reddick Calls out Dodger Fans

Of the many terrible things that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred and his team have implemented this season, this one may take the cake. In the infinite wisdom of the baseball brain trust, the Dodgers and Padres are playing in Texas and the one Texas team is in LA for this round of the playoffs.

Thanks to this, the Houston Astros are back at Dodger Stadium after getting a warm welcome from Dodger faithful about a month ago. With that, notoriously bad Houston outfielder Josh Reddick had some words about what he saw last month. 

I thought there would be more. I was kind of disappointed that there weren’t enough out there (in September). I know I’m stirring that pot, but when I got there I was expecting to have my phone out ready to record, and I was kind of disappointed with the number that was out there.

Reddick is of course referring to fans that waited outside of Dodger Stadium to give a rude welcome to those cheating Astros. Dodgers fans lined Vin Scully ave armed with trash cans and megaphones to make their voices heard. As for Reddick, he still doesn’t care what fans think about his role in the cheating scandal that rocked Major League Baseball. In fact, it sounds like he’s hoping for more fans to be out there during the ALDS. 

All the Dodgers fans who probably still hold that grudge are going to be out here voicing their opinion, so we may see them here next week and see what they’re capable of and maybe we’ll have some more out there.

Thanks for the reminder Josh, we knew there was a good reason we didn’t like you when you were a member of the Dodgers. 

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  1. .258,.314, .242, 275, .245. See if you can guess which year involved banging trash cans. I’d be grumpy too if I knew that my cheating could be quantified so easily.

    1. Bingo. I liked the .314 Reddick, but I expect he will soon have the title that cannot be taken away: former Astros outfielder.

  2. FWIW-As an Astro fan,I have to remind people that Correa has claimed there were 3 Astros who didn’t participate in the cheating.Altuve,Tony Kemp & Reddick

    1. Even so, if the people around you are getting on base more frequently you will see more pitches in the strike zone. The cheating improved the entire lineup’s production.

    2. As a Dodgers fan, it might be a good time to mention that Correa is a lying scumbag who can’t get over the fact that he cheated to win a World Series.

      He and the rest of that team will be known as cheaters for the rest of their lives. So maybe they should get used to it rather than throw hissy fits.

      Don’t want to be a labeled a cheater, don’t cheat. Simple stuff that Crazy Carlos couldn’t figure out.

  3. Which reminds me, Arlington is the worst stadium to watch a televised game. First, the camera is pointing down on the pitcher/catcher, a very archaic angle from the 70s. Second, and worse still, is the framing of the screen. It’s made small by the advertising bar. I could not watch the Dodgers/Rangers game as a result. If only Vin was still doing the simulcasts on radio and TV.

  4. Hmmm…so according to your logic, Correa, who did participate and thus can be considered a liar and a cheat suddenly comes clean after the fact?

  5. As a Dodgers fan, I have integrity.
    It’s also a time of COVID and SOCIAL DISTANCING. I don’t need to do any name calling.

  6. I’m still puzzled as to why this fool claimed Dodger fans were booing him during his below average performance with us, they were probably saying PUUUUUIIIGGGG and this fools guilty conscience got to him, either that or his WWF (or WWE) speedos were too tight, clouding his thought process.

    P.S. Reddick got 28 trash can bangs on 725 pitches, for 3.9% of all trash can bangs, he was probably a buzzer user.

  7. No cares what a cheating below average outfielder say’s about fan turnout hindered by Covid safety restrictions It’s not over, he’ll hear from us in 2021.

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