Dodgers Bench: Predicting Who Will Make And Be Left Off The Roster

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Virtual Locks Due To Immovable Contracts:

Andre Ethier – The longest-tenured Dodger will return in 2015 barring a late trade during Spring Training. He has made it known that he wants to start or be traded, but none of those scenarios are likely.

Ethier, 33 in April, is coming off the worst season of his career in which he only slashed .249/.322/.370 in 380 plate appearances. Because of his age, contract, and declining numbers, a trade is unlikely unless a team faces a significant injury during these next four weeks of Spring Training and becomes desperate. Assuming Ethier stays, his best chance of seeing playing time is contingent on Carl Crawford’s health and whether Joc Pederson needs more time in Triple-A.

Alex Guerrero – It’s unfair to judge Guerrero based on last season due to his unfortunate altercation with Miguel Olivo, but he is undoubtedly the biggest unknown on the roster at this point.

We already know about the success he had in Cuba, but whether that translates to the Majors is still to be determined. He has a chance to show his potential during some upcoming Cactus League games, but if he fails to produce, it’s fair to wonder if the new regime will cut ties with him, especially if Hector Olivera is signed.

Complicating matters, Guerrero can’t be optioned to Minors without his consent. In addition, a trade is almost impossible because he can immediately opt out from his contract the following year if one occurs, which would understandably be an unappealing risk to most teams. No matter how the situation unfolds, Guerrero will surely be one of the most-discussed topics during Spring Training.

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  1. The way i look at it they have to trade Ethier. That must be their plan other-wise why get Heisey? Barney as Borelli mentions has options and Guererro can opt out so unless they want to blow 20Mil plus they keep him. Right now Barney goes down with Heisey not much choice unless trades are made.

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