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Dodgers: Benches Clear In Brawl Between Los Angeles and San Francisco (Video)

Nothing can awake a sleepy crowd – or the opposition – like Yasiel Puig. This is especially evident when the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers get together.

In the seventh inning of Tuesday night’s 2-1 loss, the Dodgers outfielder had mixed words with Giants catcher Nick Hundley. Puig has shown new animation the last two games, if that’s possible. Following a fouled off pitch, Puig tossed his bat in the air and slapped it. You may recall that on Monday night; Puig did the same action following a fly out against a Madison Bumgarner pitch that he felt he should have hit harder. Bumgarner – like Hundley – seemed to take exception to Puig’s animation.

Video: Benches Clearing Brawl

This was mostly a good old fashioned baseball chicken fight – which is not a bad thing. You never want to see a member of either team get roughed up too badly; even if it is the hated Giants in a middle of a pennant race.

Upon watching the video replay for the first time, you have to give props to Dodgers first base coach George Lombard. Given nary a mention on this blog before, Lombard was on the ground and in the middle of the fracas up against the Dodgers backstop. He had the backs of his fellow coaches and teammates.

Other than that – the brawl was much to do about nothing. So what really got this party started?

More disrespectful of the Dodgers’ house was the fact that they got just five hits all night and lost another game in the ninth inning. The loss coupled with Arizona and Colorado wins dropped the Dodgers to third place in the division. This is not ideal – as the Dodgers have dropped five straight ballgames.

Puig added that this is a common theme between the Dodgers and Giants in his tenure with Los Angeles.

Impact of the Brawl at Chavez Ravine

The Dodgers and Giants still have to play another game on Wednesday night to close out this series. If you’re watching on Wednesday night, heads should be on a swivel. It wouldn’t be shocking to see more drama go down between these two teams, and the Dodgers have bigger matters to deal with than personal distractions. The boys in blue must avoid getting swept at home by a division rival – all while playing scoreboard watcher with other division foes.

You hope that an incident like this serves to fire up the Dodgers and every member within the dugout. It should instill an ‘us vs. the world’ mentality for a few days if it served any purpose. The only antidote to know if a benches clearing brawl served any purpose in the game of baseball is simply; more runs and wins. These are two things that the Dodgers have not done enough of recently.

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