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Dodgers: Blake Snell Says the Rays Handed the World Series to Los Angeles

Blake Snell being pulled in Game 6 of the World Series will be remembered as one of the biggest managerial blunders in recent history. With the Dodgers trailing by a run in the 6th innings, Kevin Cash made the premature decision of going to his bullpen. The rest is history. 

Understandably, Snell probably has some negative feelings with Cash pulling him. He had struck out 9 Dodgers and allowed just 1 hit before an Austin Barnes single knocked him out. In short, he was absolutely mowing down Los Angeles hitters. 

Snell recently made an appearance on the R2C2 podcast with CC Sabathia to talk about the World Series. Now with the Padres, Snell insists multiple times that the Rays were in a really good position to beat the Dodgers in that series if not for him being pulled. So much so, that he felt that they just handed the World Series over to them. 

I just remember I called my dad when we got to the hotel we talked for a minute, and I didn’t really say much. I didn’t have nothing to say, I was just like ‘we really just handed them the World Series’. That’s how it felt.

The Rays would have had Charlie Morton going in Game 7 if they were able to beat the Dodgers that day. While he had been effective in the 2020 postseason, the Dodgers had also just beat him up for 5 runs just a few days before. 

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We can play the game of what if’s all day long, but the fact of the matter is that the Dodgers are World Series champions. With Snell being traded to the San Diego Padres, the NL West is sure to feature some fun competition in 2021. 

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  1. Get over it already Blake Snell and stop crying! Respect Kevin Cash decision you haven’t gone more then six innings in 2020 season and that pitching strategy got TB to the World Series and besides The 2020 World Series Champions LA Dodgers were going to get to you sooner or later.
    Also we had Walker “Stellar” Buehler (21) for game seven to shut you guys down period.
    With that being said: Congratulations to The 2020 World Series Champions LA Dodgers!!!
    “Let’s Do a Repeat in 2021”

  2. Obviously they did everyone knew it when it happened, but it was about time an opponent of the dodgers handed them a series instead of Roberts/Friedman doing it

  3. You know that statement is just disrespectful. Yes you were pitching well at the time but the later innings nobody knows. The Dodger bats were awesome and always dangerous. But I do agree, I would have left you in. But nobody knows what would of happened. But that was only game 6 and if you guys did manage to win it,that would of only tied the series which is a long way from winning it. Especially with a Morton vs Buehler match-up and the bruising dodger bats. Sorry pal you still lose the series, you just prolong it. But thanks for the motivation, see you soon.

  4. Buehler would have shut down the Rays in game 7 and the Dodgers would have bombed Morton again. Snell was taken out of game 6, not game 7. The only guy that could hit on that team was Arozarena. Buehler would have coasted on low pitch count innings against such a weak offense. And by the way, the Dodgers were robbed in 2017 by the Astros and Manfred. The Dodgers didn’t give that one away though. It was stolen. And everybody knows it. But they didn’t whine and fall apart. They won it all three years later, and are set to win it all again. They have been in the WS in 3 of the last 4 seasons, and won it twice on real terms. It was no accident or gift when they beat the Rays. The Dodgers were the better team.

  5. Once again, we expect athletes to be “superhuman”. Blake Snell was not being disrespectful to the Dodgers. He was, as humans are, very frustrated by the situation that occurred in game six of the World Series. Obviously he is (and probably will be forever) upset by Cash’s decision. He cares about his team and teammates. I want my players to be as passionate as Blake Snell.

  6. Snell just lit a fire going into the 2021 season. We will never know how game 7 would have turned out…We had Bueller pitching game 7 and was dominate against the Rays. I take this as a challenge

  7. I’ve been a die hard Rays fan since day one. I have no problem saying it was Cash’s fault. You don’t pull your ace pitcher when he’s dealing and you’re THIS CLOSE to walking away World Champs. Sabermetrics might have worked for the 02 As and it might work for everyone in the regular season, but you shouldn’t use computers to make your decisions when you’re trying to win the World Series. Hopefully he learned his lesson and if not, we’ll soon to go manager shopping.

      1. I agree. The Rays were just plain outmatched. How the hell does he figure they were “this close”. Nonsense. And who knows what would have happened with Snell in the later innings if he stayed in. He typically isn’t effective after the 6th inning, and that’s when Barnes singled to start it off.

  8. Well if he feels that way let’s see him do it when he pitches against the Dodgers going forward. Bet he doesn’t.

  9. Can someone get Snell some cheese with that wine, let’s not play the what ifs. I admit Snell was in a zone but also the Dodgers Bats started to heat up. Barnes had just singled after that the top of our line up came in and handle business, so regardless of who pitched the Dodgers took matter into their own hands. And became your 2020 WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!!

  10. Sounds like it was a long winter for Snell. Do you think this was the first time a manager’s decision affected the outcome of a game? Does Dave Roberts ring a bell? Get over it. Bill Buckner did.

  11. It is easy to understand why he would think that his removal caused their loss but that is too self serving. The Dodgers were the better team, he was just the best arm the Rays had. He will learn more clearly how good the Dodgers are this season.

  12. Wait until Blake Snell creeps into Dodgers stadium and gets an earful of our crowd, won’t be the same pitching with stands full of Dodgers Blue…and wait until Dodgers travel to San Diego, so many times there have been more Dodgers fan in the seat than Padres fans in Petco Park…so many times the Dodgers wait until the last innings to break out…sooner or later Mookie would have led the charge … and then what, they would have complained that Snell was allowed to stay in too long…you should shut it until you can prove that game wasn’t a fluke which your about to find out pitching against the dodgers over a season where they can figure you out, it going to be a whole lot different and you better pray the NL invokes the DH or your going to see a whole different game…Go Dodgers Blue, Repeat in 2021

  13. The click bait type ads targeted for the lowest common denominator make this page unbearable. “Do this one trick” or “this ended her career”…. cringeworthy.

  14. Hey Blake, how is the off season going for you? Just think you will get many of opportunities to pitch against the Dodgers in the up coming season. You joined a team that has never won a World Championship and has more loss then wins as an organization, maybe you are the savior to the Padres, 162 games is a lot and 34 starts will be a lot different on your arm then 15 and maybe after the 162 game season any thing that comes out of your month will have a little more relevance to being on a second place team “again!”

    See you on field big boy!

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