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Dodgers Blockbuster Three-Team Trade Continues to be On Hold

It’s been about 48 hours since reports broke that the Dodgers had brokered a three-team deal with Boston and Minnesota to send a lot of moving parts to new homes. However, a problem remains here…

None of the teams have announced the deal.

Understandably, with so many moving parts it’s in each team’s best interest to double-check every bit of the deal up and down. And by the way, there are a lot of moving parts indeed. Kenta Maeda and Alex Verdugo would head from the Dodgers to Minnesota and Boston respectively. David Price and Mookie Betts would go to LA from Boston. And hard-throwing prospect Brusdar Graterol would head from Minnesota to Boston.

But issues over Graterol’s medical records — namely his pitching shoulder — caused the Red Sox to pump the brakes and rethink this blockbuster deal.

Now Jon Heyman tells us that is indeed the case.

Over the last 20 hours, this dead has gone from done to slim chance this trade will completely fall apart to not a certainty. And with that, baseball continues to hold its collective breath. 

Importantly, however, progress on some version of a deal is reportedly being made, per writer Mark Feinsand.

The Twins may pony up more along with Graterol in a deal to Boston. They made switch prospects. Or they could be removed from the equation altogether. However, reports are that Minnesota is very interested in acquiring Kenta Maeda from Los Angeles.

Even if Minnesota is out, another key element to consider in a Boston/Los Angeles swap is the relationship between Dodgers President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman and Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom. Bloom worked with Friedman back in their Tampa Bay Rays days, adding an element of familiarity that could play up in assuring that a deal gets done.

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Of course, this three-team deal isn’t the only trade that’s on hold. The Dodgers are also holding on transaction that would send Joc Pederson, Ross Stripling, and a prospect to the Angels for infielder Luis Rengifo and a reported two prospects.

It seems like nothing will come easy for Dodgers fans this off-season. Still, it appears that fans should feel confident that Mookie Betts will be suiting up for Los Angeles before the start of spring training.

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  1. Don’t do it.

    Betts is just not that good and a known trouble maker. The Dodger just don’t need him.

    BTW, he wouldn’t be hitting half the time in that laughable sandbox, Fenway. Big difference.

    1. Interesting analysis. Betts has averaged more than 8.0 WAR for the past four years. Even if he gets 6 War in Chavez that puts him ahead of every Dodger except for 2019 Bellinger. Guess the whole Dodger team would qualify as “not that good.”

    2. “Known trouble maker” is a bit presumptive – unless you have personally met him or have a buddy in the Red Sox club house. The media ALWAYS looks for drama to stir up. But you’re right on, about hitting in the laughable sandbox. I would expect a drop off in power numbers, but if he focuses on a contact & speed game, he could be a phenomenal lead-off hitter in the cavernous stadiums of the NL West.

        1. Maeda is a 4th starter at best and not a team player as he always complains about being put in the bullpen which is where he deserves to be because that’s where he attacks and trusts his stuff

    3. Actually think about the laughable pitching staffs in the national league west he will get to hit against in one half his games next season. He is probably grinning from ear to ear just thinking about it.

  2. Get the deal done Friedman, you are upgrading from Maeda to Price and you get possibly the 2nd best 5 tool player in baseball for very little! Sweeten the pot and get it done before Boston comes to their senses and nixes it!!

    1. I’m with you. I say SCREW MINNESOTA. GIVE THEM A PROSPECT AND MOVE ON. I WAS READING THE COMMENTS THOSE CLOWNS Made about MOOKIE being a trouble Maker. Your certainly Wrong. HE’S one of the most Nicest guys to have around. He has a very good work ethic. FRIEDMAN HAS to step up, and complete this transaction with giving them a guy like Grey or Downs even if they give them RUIZ. Let’s get it done

  3. Just as it is “more likely to happen than not” that Dodger fans will set fire to Chavez Ravine if the Dodgers FO allows this deal to fall apart over a dispute between Boston and Minnesota over a mid level pitcher’s arm.

  4. The more I read and see clips of Graterol the less I understand Boston’s position. Maybe the Dodgers should send a package of equivalent prospects to Boston and keep him. He has Gray-like upside and could probably help in pen immediately.

    1. Hard to see how the Red Sox are surprised by Graterol, most of the analysts have been projecting him as a reliever for the past couple of years. Physically he looks more like a Jansen type anyway. Clearly, they figure they are losing the public opinion battle and are trying to renegotiate a better deal.

  5. OK. I understand Boston’s reticence to accept a damaged pitcher. So void the LA-Minn part of the trade, and give Boston Kenta Maeda (the Red Sox need another proven starter) and a mid-level pitching prospect. Kenta is still only 31, and good for at least 5 more years, especially since he does not depend on his fastball.


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