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Dodgers: Blown Replay Call Kills a Rally For Los Angeles in the Loss

The Dodgers bats struggled to get going on get-away day in Philadelphia. Looking to take the series sweep, Los Angeles had something cooking in the top half of the 5th inning. They got 2 runners on and a wild pitch got the tying run into scoring position. 

Trea Turner would then come up and hit a sharp groundball to shortstop Didi Gregorious. He came up with it and fired over to first to an outstretched Brad Miller. The call went against the Dodgers, but they were able to get one run across. 

But on the replay, it seemed very clear that Miller had come off of the bad during his stretch to get Turner. The Dodgers challenged the play and there weren’t many in the stadium anticipating the call to go against them. But it did. 

The call was upheld and the Dodgers would end the inning 2 batters later when Albert Pujols grounded into a force out. So we’ll let you guys make the call on what you think they call should have been. Did Miller keep his foot on the bag during his stretch? Or did Los Angeles get beat by the review crew today?

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The Dodgers would go on to drop the final game of the series and fall to 4.5 games out of the NL West with the Giants scheduled to play later. They head to New York next to take on the Mets in a 3-game series over the weekend. 

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  1. I guess MLB most really not like the DODGERS bcuz it seems that we ALWAYS get the short end of the stick. It’s happened a couple of times earlier this season and always end with the same result. A loss that we should of never gotten had the UMP got the call right

    1. You are correct sir. This team pretty much all season has followed up a game where they score well with one where they basically can’t hit the ball out of the infield. Would love to see just one attempt at a squeeze bunt, but NO, they keep swinging for the home run. They don’t advance runners and Belli keeps swinging at pitches that he doesn’t have a snow ball’s chance of making contact with.

    2. Absolutely agree, Pauldodgerfan1965. We can complain about bad calls all day long but the fact of the matter is our offense did not produce yesterday. Our Dodgers seem very challenged to capitalize when opportunity presents. Its frustrating to know that, in most instances, if we are down by the 8th inning we are not going to (sufficiently) score (even with the bases loaded) and we can count on a loss. We have less than a third of the season left. With this being said, there is very little room for defensive error or missed opportunity moving forward. The Giants, barring some kind of “slump” (that has eluded them all season), will continue to pull ahead, specifically with their (veteran players’) homeruns and small ball. Whether or not Mookie and/or CK come off the IL anytime soon, our remaining players have got to step up, and I am not talking about AJ and CT. But for them we would likely be even further back in the standings.

  2. There’s such a thing as momentum in baseball. This absolutely blown call ruined ours. Could’ve easily scored more runs in that inning otherwise.

    1. They had runners on base in the first, how many did they score? There is no way of knowing if that call would have amounted to anything, but not hitting with a runner or runners in scoring position certainly did have an effect on the final outcome..

  3. Winners win and losers make excuses. If you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. 3 lousy singles won’t win many games. Don’t forget the Dodgers 9th inning “rally” was mainly because the home plate umpire decided to check out early.

  4. The Dodgers need to play real baseball, bunt execute, advance the runner, make the SHIFT work for them , not against , go the opposite way , lay the bunt down ! This should be worked on and therefore may win a few games rather than lose WHEN we are not hitting well . It is true the same players go into the same bad habits , trying for the … LONG BALL … the HERO , We know who they are . They are setting themselves up for failure and it starting to show .What does not work in so many times , do not repeat it ! Anyways , need to start soon , Dodgers can do it , We in years have not this early , watched the scoreboard , looking to catch the Giants , as in all sports there is a slump , the Dodgers have had their share , the GIANTS have not , it will happen , but the Dodgers need to win games with SMALL BALL for now , just play the game the way it should be and our hitting will fall into place , the pitching is starting to click , some changes still needed , but lately has not taken us into defeat . GO GET THEM !!!

  5. Took Pujols out too early. Make defensive changer when you have the lead. McKinney is not a hitter. He has what, 2 or 3 hits as a Dodger. Robert’s don’t really know his personnel, or he’s getting poor advice.

  6. Your vidoe doesn’t show the glove and the fielder’s foot at the same time. If his foot came off the bag after he caught the ball, isn’t the runner out? He doesn’t have to stay on the bag after touching it while in control of the ball.

  7. I think his foot was on the bag with ball in glove and then the foot left the bag. Charles’ point (above) is valid. Reviewers in NY have way better views than shown here.
    They’re not going to win every game no matter who’s in the line-up or who is managing. Doc only has the tools Andrew and the IL provide him. McKinney is a defensive sub who should be on the bench until late innings. He’s only in there b’cuz Mookie’s hurt. This is a season of injuries (and not just our team); all we can do is support the team and see what happens. Frankly, if the Giants keep playing like they have been all season, they deserve to win the pennant. BUT we could be in a dog fight before it’s over. Ugliest season I’ve seen in a while from our crew but it’s still interesting. Beats the hell out of the McCourt years!

  8. Somebody needs to tell Gain Lux, you don’t raise your arm in triumph for a ninth inning warning track fly-ball.
    Love it when the whiney dodgers lose.

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