Dodgers: Blue Jays Slugger Bo Bichette Praises Clayton Kershaw in Video

Recently on a “Play Ball” initiative event hosted by MLB in the Bahamas, Blue Jays slugger Bo Bichette found himself face to face with an ambitious young fan who took advantage of his opportunity with the star shortstop.

Where the story gets interesting for Dodgers fans was an interaction about Bichette and long-time LA ace Clayton Kershaw. The young fan asked the question, “how did it feel to hit against Clayton Kershaw?”

Bichette answered thoughtfully and respectfully.

Clayton Kershaw is a legend, man. His curveball is nasty, right? I’m just lucky he didn’t throw that to me twice.

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For those that may have smartly forgotten this memory, the rookie Bichette took Kershaw deep twice at Dodger Stadium last August.

Still, this conversation between Bo and the young fan was a cool sight and undoubtedly a great example of baseball’s expansion across the globe. 

As a final note to this story, Bichette was the winner of this visually stunning beach home run derby as he crushed a total of 23 bombs into the Carribean Sea to seal his victory.

Spring training baseball cannot get here fast enough.

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