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Dodgers: Braves Coach and Former LA Player Weighs In on Freddie Freeman FA

Freddie Freeman’s free agency continues to be a storyline, even without free agency. Freeman and the Braves were unable to agree to terms prior to MLB’s December 1 lockout.

Many in baseball have linked Freeman to the Dodgers. There’s growing speculation that Freddie is somewhat frustrated with the Braves not prioritizing his contract situation prior the lockout. 

Current Atlanta Braves first base coach, and former Dodger, Eric Young weighed in on where Freeman will end up.

“I see “Braves” across his chest and the number five in the middle of our lineup next year. That’s what I see, that’s what I envision, that’s what I want. To have him go to the Dodgers, I love you LA, but I’ll be disappointed.”

EY also empathized with Freeman’s right to explore the market.

“I always see Freddie coming back and being a Brave, but fortunate for him, he’s put himself in position to be a free agent and go somewhere, wherever he wants to go. As a former player, every player deserves that right and he has that opportunity now.”

In case any Dodgers fans forgot, Freeman was a big reason the Braves beat the Dodgers in 2021 NLCS and went on to win the World Series. At least they beat the Houston Astros in the process.

Freeman slashed .304/420/.625 in Atlanta’s 16 playoff games.

The 2020 NL MVP is a five-time All-Star, three-time Silver Slugger, and a one-time Gold Glover. One could make the argument he’s the best first baseman in baseball. Freeman owns a .930 OPS over the last four seasons.

In addition to Freeman’s immense talent, he also provides platinum-level insurance for Max Muncy. Muncy is still recovering from a serious elbow injury and doesn’t have a return date at this time. LA having another All-Star in their back pocket would give them the opportunity to not rush back Muncy.

If you ask Young though, Freeman won’t be wearing “Dodgers” across his chest anytime soon.

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Eric Eulau

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  1. Freddie will be a Dodger. If healthy Muncy gets moved to 2B and Lux is the super utility guy. If Trea Turner doesn’t sign a long-term deal, Lux becomes the everyday SS in 2023. Trevor Bauer will probably be suspended for a long time (Perhaps the entire 2022 campaign) and the Dodgers will get back the $43 million budgeted which can easily pay for Freeman.

    After the 2022 season both AJ Pollock and JT will be gone so it makes sense to invest in Freeman now. For pitching I see Freidman getting Grienke on a one-year deal and then let the kids (Miller, Pepiot, Jackson, Knack, Grove) develop and contribute this year.

  2. I’m in Atlanta… but I’m a life long LA fan.
    Lakers….Dodgers wit Freeman we can ride the Ship
    Championship for years to come…

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